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Basic requirements for retaining construction of deep foundation pit, definition of deep foundation pit

The deep foundation pit supporting construction scheme must be determined according to the design requirements, foundation pit depth, site environment and contract requirements, and the chief engineer of the unit,   The construction can only be carried out after the chief supervision engineer approves and determines that the construction complies with relevant norms and laws and regulations.

Definition of deep foundation pit engineering:

1, the excavation depth exceeds5m(including5mEarthwork excavation, support and dewatering works of foundation pit (groove).

2The excavation depth has not exceeded5mBut the geological conditions, surrounding environment and underground pipelines are complex, or affect the safety of adjacent buildings (construction) of the foundation pit (groove) earthwork excavation, support.

Deep foundation pit supporting construction

deepFoundation pit supportingBasic requirements for construction:

1The deep foundation pit supporting construction scheme must be determined according to the design requirements, foundation pit depth, site environment and contract requirements, and approved by the chief engineer and chief supervision engineer of the unit, and determined to conform to relevant norms and laws and regulations before construction.

2Because the whole construction process is completed in the underground, prone to groundwater interference and various problems, so at the beginning of the construction, it is necessary to take certain means to fully grasp the groundwater level of the construction area, and timely waterproof early warning scheme, but also timely check the waterproof performance of the whole waterproof project. A person must be in charge24hWatch pumping, and make pumping records. When open ditch drainage is adopted, discontinuous drainage shall not be allowed during construction. When the structure is not equipped with anti-floating conditions, it is strictly prohibited to stop drainage.

Deep foundation pit supporting construction

3The raw materials to enter the site should be pre-inspected, and special quality supervision personnel should be set up. When the materials enter the site, the supervision personnel shall conduct spot inspection on them first, and resolutely clear the site if the quality is not qualified or does not meet the design requirements. The raw materials of the construction site shall be classified and kept. These construction materials shall be classified and preserved by specialized personnel, and special storage and protection places shall be set up for some special products.

4During earthwork construction, it is necessary to strengthen the protection around the deep foundation pit and the ground. On the top of the foundation pit1-2When the surface water seeps into the cracks, the soil strength will be reduced and the supporting structure will be displaced. When this happens, it is necessary to plug in time and divert the water on the ground to prevent the deep foundation pit from being soaked.

5When excavating deep foundation pit earthwork, the spacing between multiple excavators should be greater than10m, from top to bottom layer by layer, and do not dig deep.

Deep foundation pit supporting construction

6The ladder or support ladder should be dug up and down the deep foundation pit. It is forbidden to step on and support the operation. At the same time, safety railings should be set up around the foundation pit.

7Before manually lifting the earth, we should first check whether the lifting tools and tools are reliable, and at the same time, the following shall not stand when the lifting bucket is working.

8, pile up materials and mobile construction machinery on the side of deep foundation pit, should keep a certain distance from the edge of the excavation, when the soil quality is good, should be away from the edge of the excavation0.8mThe stacking height shall not exceed1.5m.

9During rainy season construction, drainage measures must be set on the ground around the foundation pit to prevent rainwater and ground water from flowing into the foundation pit, and should be left above the elevation of the foundation pit15~30cmUntil the weather clears up.

10Deep foundation pit backfill soil should be symmetrical around the backfill, can not be filled at the same time after extension, and do a good job of layering tamping.

11In the process of deep foundation pit construction, the site engineering and technical personnel should adhere to the work of the shift, timely solve the safety and quality problems in the construction. In the premise of ensuring safety, to grasp the quality and progress.

12, to the deepFoundation pit supportingThe key parts in the construction must be strictly controlled. If the former process has not received the acceptance visa, the latter process will not be allowed to be constructed.

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