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Classification and characteristics of foundation pit

Foundation pit classification: 1. First-level foundation pit: the combination of important engineering, supporting structure and foundation structure, excavation depth > 10m, historical or modern excellent buildings, important facilities and important pipelines within the influence area of excavation shall be strictly protected;

Foundation pit classification:

1First foundation pit: important engineering, support structure and foundation structure combination, excavation depth10m, historical or modern excellent buildings, important facilities and important pipelines within the influence area of excavation should be strictly protected;

2Three level foundation pit: excavation depth is less than7m, the environment around the foundation pit has no special requirements.

3Secondary foundation pit: the foundation pit except the first and third level.

The foundation pit

Characteristics of foundation pit:

1Strong region: different engineering geology and hydrogeology conditions, the foundation pit engineering is different. Therefore, deep foundation pit excavation should take measures according to local conditions and analyze specific problems, rather than simply copying the experience of other places completely.

2, strong individuality, deep foundation pit engineering classification is difficult to uniformly stipulate the allowable deformation standard of support structure, should be used according to the specific situation of the region.

3Complex environment: the excavation of deep foundation pit engineering is easy to affect the surrounding buildings (structures). Serious impact will endanger adjacent buildings, structures and municipal underground pipe network safety and normal use.

4High risk: deep foundation pit project is a temporary project with relatively small safety reserve. Once an accident occurs, it will cause serious social impact.

The foundation pit

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