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Foundation pit engineering more cases

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SMWmethod: Changzhou Zhongwu Avenue pedestrian underpass project

SMWConstruction method: Shanghai Military Industrial Road Tunnel Project PuxiPX16-PX25

SMWMethod of pile,Mixing pile: Wuxi Metro2Civil engineering of Line No14mark

SMWConstruction Method: Wuxi Jincheng Road rapid transformation project1mark

SMWConstruction method: Kunshan Zhongjin East China Data Center

SMWConstruction Method: Wuhan Wangjiadun Business District underground traffic Ring corridor first bid

SMWConstruction method: Tianjin Xianyang Road Station entrance and air duct

SMWConstruction Method: Tianjin Tanggu Development Zone Modern Industrial Zone

CSMmethod:Nanchang Education Examination Institute construction project

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing: Qibao Zhongwen Business Square

Prestressed fish-belly steel support: Chunqin Farmers Market, Jiangxi Street, Xinwu District, Wuxi City

Prestressed fish-belly steel support: Underground space of Leather City Station of Hangzhou Hai Intercity Railway in Zhejiang Province

Steel support technology of fish-belly foundation pit: Foshan Hongyu Building Project

Triaxial mixing pile,SMWConstruction method: Wuhan Rail Transit Line 7, No.3

SMWConstruction method, three-axis mixing pile: Haikou underground comprehensive Pipe Corridor First Project Management Department

Triaxial cement soil mixing pile: Wuxi Metro Control Center

Three axis stirring pile: Pingjiang Branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University

Three-axis mixing pile: Hangzhou Metro1Line no.SG1-40-1Underground project of Metro control center

Three axis stirring pile: Hubei LiantaiA-19plot

Three axis stirring pile: Hubei Qingshan Wushang International Mall sinking square

Three-axis mixing pile: Main market trading area of Xinhongcheng Big Market ProjectAplot

Three-axis mixing pile: Yujiapu Financial District, Tianjin

Three axis mixing pile: Nanchang City Rail Transit3Line No. 6 civil construction of Shangshagou station

Three axis stirring pile: Jiangxi Education Journal Publishing Base project

Three axis stirring pile: Tianjin Tishman Chengdu Road

Three axis mixing pile: Foshan Hai8 Road tunnelA block

Rotary jet stirring stiffened pileMingju Residential Community, Fengxiang, Jiangsu

Foundation pit engineering: Jiangsu Divega Meeting City

Foundation pit project: Funing Shuxiang Building

Foundation pit project: Jiangsu Auto Parts City Square

Foundation pit Project: Liyang Longhai Hotel

Foundation pit Project: Lianyungang Industrial Exhibition Center

Foundation pit Project: Lianyun New City Business Park

Foundation pit Project: Jiangsu Lujia Branch office building

Foundation pit project: Nanjing South Railway Station Ring Road tunnel project

Foundation pit project: Suzhou Rail Transit1Line No. End well reinforcement and station entrance

Foundation pit Project: Zhiyuan International Business Building, Suzhou Science and Technology City

Foundation pit project: West extension project of Suzhou North Ring Expressway

Foundation pit Project: Jiangsu Tonghui Square

Foundation pit project: General contractor of Wuxi State Gold Center

Foundation PIT project: Jiangsu Yongning Road crossing Shanghai-Nanjing Railway interchange project

Foundation pit project: Zhangjiagang Jingang Sewage Treatment plant

Foundation pit Project: Zhenjiang Railway Station North Square reconstruction project

Foundation pit Project: China Medical City Business Center

Foundation Pit Engineering: Jiangsu Guohua·The cullinan

Foundation pit project: Jiangyin Yipin City

Foundation pit: Jiangyin Eo Shan Wan new block

Foundation pit project: Nantong Haimen Banyan Tree Villa

Foundation pit project: Nantong Evergrande Yulan Court

Foundation Pit Project: Basement Phase II, Lanting South District, Shuixi, Jiangsu

Foundation pit Project: Suzhou Jinyu Tixiang Project

Foundation Pit Project: Suqian Golden Eagle International Garden Project Phase I

Foundation pit project: Xuzhou Yellow River Garden Phase II

Foundation Pit Project: Changzhou Wanbo International Square

Foundation Pit Project: Jiangsu Jindayang City Life Square

Foundation pit project: New Yangtze River in Jiangsu(The accord)International hotel

Foundation pit Project: Jiangyin Ganglong Commercial Square

Foundation pit Project: Nantong Wenfeng Financial Square

Foundation pit Project: Changshu Huifeng Times Square

Foundation pit Project: Hai 'an Diamond Business Building

Deep foundation pit project: Basement of Hongyuan Mansion South District, Huai 'an

Foundation pit project: Construction of Nanjing Workers' Cultural Palace

Foundation Pit Project: Nanjing Central Gold Building

Foundation pit project: Outpatient Ward complex building of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu South Medical University

Foundation pit project: Comprehensive development of Suzhou high-speed railway station hub area

Foundation PIT Project: Block 1, Shihu Scenic Area, Suzhou High-tech Zone

Foundation pit Project: Suzhou Huirun International

Foundation Pit Engineering: Tongke, Jiangsu•HSBC international

Foundation pit Project: New East China International Building

Foundation pit Project: Jiangsu Xinri Headquarters Building

Foundation pit project: Jiangsu Changdian Technology sewage treatment station

Foundation pit project: The new trial court of Jingkou District People's Court of Zhenjiang City

Foundation Pit Project: Zhejiang Guanghong Tourism Complex (Guanghong Ramada Square)

Foundation pit project: Zhejiang Guodian Beicang Phase 3 slime settling tank

Foundation pit Project: Haining Commercial Center Phase II

Foundation pit project: Haiyan Hotel expansion project

Foundation pit Project: Zhejiang Hangzheng Reservoir (2009)101Plot No. Commercial residential

Foundation pit Project: Hangzhou Fuyang Wanda Plaza

Foundation pit Project: Jiaxing Haining Chunpu Park

Foundation pit Project: Jiaxing Jinghui Square

Foundation pit Project: Zhejiang Jiayue Building

Foundation pit Project: Ningbo Beilun central areaFPlot basement

Foundation pit Project: Taizhou Star Guangyao Square ProjectAplotPhase of the project

Foundation pit Project: Oubei, Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province2011-42-1#Plot basement

Foundation pit Project: Yuhewan Garden, Zhejiang

Foundation pit project: Underground garage of Yuanyi Baizhuang triangle plot

Foundation pit Project: Haining City Hongxiang·Basement of Bandung Province

Foundation pit Project: Huzhou Jiayuan SquareA1-1Group (A,B,CFloor)

Foundation pit Project: Jiashan Hengli International Trade Square

Foundation pit Project: Dushan Port Country Garden, Pinghu, Jiaxing

Foundation pit Project: Zhejiang Yuehuafu Bid Section 1

Foundation pit project: Zhejiang Zhuji Evergrande Yuelongfu first phase

Foundation pit project: the famous capital of Zhejiang•CPlot high-rise residential building

Foundation pit project: Quzhou Evergrande Royal Peninsula Hotel

Foundation pit Project: Jiaxing Evergrande Oasis1-11#East side of building and underground garage

Foundation pit project: Wuhan Minsheng Road culvert pipe buried pumping station

Foundation pit Project: Hubei City Industrial Building

Foundation pit Project: Hubei Fuqiang International

Foundation Pit Project: Hubei Gezhouba International Square (North)Carea

Foundation pit Project: Hubei Hongda Central Square

Foundation pit Project: Wuhan Tongji Hospital

Foundation Pit Project: Huanghai Road, Wuhan Central Business District (104Road No.) project

Foundation pit Project: Yichang Central Business District Project Yanjiang Avenue

Foundation pit Project: Wuhan Fengli Yuan

Foundation pit Project: Hainan Haihua Island3#Island Sewage Pumping station

Foundation pit project: Underground air defense project of Jiefang Road in Sanya City

Foundation pit project: Haikou City underground comprehensive pipe gallery

Foundation Pit Project: Relocation Area Project of New Town Demonstration Town in Jixian County, TianjinC2Plot underground garage

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Waterside Garden9#10#Floor of a building

Foundation pit Project: Wenzhou Building in Tianjin

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Cultural Center Grand Theater

Foundation Pit Project: Reconstruction and expansion project of Tianjin Hospital (Phase II)

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Changqing Scientific Research Center

Foundation Pit Project: Block 2, Sunac Quanyun Village, Tianjin

Foundation Pit Project: Tianjin Mingmen Square

Foundation Pit Project: Jinherong No.1 Block, Tianjin

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Sunac Aocheng Serviced Apartment Phase 5

Foundation pit Project: Phase II of Jiangxi Zhonghang Plaza

Foundation pit Project: Jiangxi Jicheng Building

Foundation pit Project: Jiangxi Huahao Center

Foundation pit Project: Guangzhou Fuye Auto Parts Co., LTD. Phase II

Foundation pit project: Relocation house of Zhuhai connecting line of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Foundation pit project: Guangzhou Wanda Cultural Tourism City show

Foundation pit Project: Guangdong Bangke Life Building

Foundation pit project: Chaoannan Road, Foshan Times

Foundation pit Project: Guangdong Beauty Industrial Park

Foundation Pit Project: Zhuhai Hengqin Mixane World City

Foundation pit Project: Hefei Evergrande Square6#,7#plot

Foundation pit project: Wuhu Ocher Mountain impression

Foundation pit project: Anqing land Wanjiangfu

Deep foundation pit Engineering: Century Hualian·YunZhu square

Foundation pit Project: Shandong Jindu Building

Foundation pit project: Linyi New City Wuyue Square

Foundation pit Project: Shandong Wuhua Building

Foundation pit project: Shandong Kenli County Yucai Huadu

Foundation pit project: Quanzhou Sansheng Central ParkBarea

Foundation PIT Project: Fuzhou Baolong Vientiane Square peacetime and war combined with civil air defense project

Foundation pit Project: Anxi Wanda Plaza, Quanzhou

Foundation pit Project: Wuyue Square, Jinjiang, Fujian

Foundation pit Project: The first bid section of the residential area of Taiyuan Wanberlin Project

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Jin Chen Yi Villa

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Baiyin Age No.5 underground Chamber

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Lingkong11-3Plot office spaceCarea

Foundation pit Project: Changbei, Changde Road, ShanghaiIVstanding

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai City Xinhui Commercial Office

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Minhang Pujiang CommunityG03-04Plot rental house

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Fenghe Lijing Phase 6 underground chamber

Foundation Pit Project: Huacao Town, Minhang District, ShanghaiMHP0-1403unit30-01plot

Foundation pit Project: Qingpu New City, Shanghai63A-03APlot ordinary commercial housing

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Gangtai International Building

Foundation pit Project: Information Library Complex Building of Shanghai Shipping School

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Huachen Tongda Logistics New Warehouse Phase I (West Area)

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Lingang International Conference Center Phase I (02-01Land)

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Xinhu Qinglan International Phase I

Foundation pit Project: Lingang Hospital, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital

Foundation pit Project: Fushen Commercial Center, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Xinguang Haikang Complex Building

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Hengda Sheshan capital

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Longwan Huating Phase II underground reservoir

Foundation pit Engineering: Shanghai Rongxin.Hua cao42-01plot

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Yangguang City·Luodian New town, Baoshan DistrictE-4plot

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Mingyuan Hotel

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Xuhui Hongqiao International Square

Foundation pit project: Shanghai Railway Bureau air conditioning maintenance building, comprehensive building

Foundation pit Project: Jiading New City, ShanghaiE17-01Plot rental housing new project underground garage

Foundation Pit Engineering: Shanghai Tianhe Jinyuan Project Phase 4

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai Lingang Nanhui New CityNHC101Community Ice Star

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Nanxiang Sewage Treatment Center

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai International Square

Foundation Pit Engineering: Shanghai Maritime UniversityD5-1-1plot

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Zhongfang Binjiang

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