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How to deal with foundation pit retaining crack

The supporting cracking of foundation pit is divided into enclosure cracking and supporting structure cracking.

Support of foundation pitCracking is divided into enclosure structure cracking and support structure cracking.

When the enclosure structure cracks, such as concrete pile or wall of the concrete surface cracks show tensile cracks, indicating that the tensile stress under the tensile strength of the concrete exceeds. If the inside of the reinforcement does not appear cracks, cracks appear on the concrete protective layer is a normal phenomenon, the envelope can work with cracks, there is no impact on the safety of the foundation pit; If there is a crack in the sealing curtain (soil-cement) of the enclosure structure, attention should be paid to observe whether there is leakage at the crack. If there is water leakage, repair the water plugging until no leakage occurs.

When the cracks appear on the support structure, it is necessary to analyze the specific reasons for the cracks, for example, the inclined cracks appear on the concrete support is that the stress of the bending load under the support is greater than the shear strength of the concrete support. This situation should be given full attention, first of all toThe foundation pitThe load around the unloading, or backfill pressure slope, reduce the force of support; The stress on the support is obviously reduced, the crack width is also reduced or closed, the support of the crack is strengthened, the use of steel structure binding reinforcement or additional steel mesh pouring concrete reinforcement.

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