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More cases in Jiangsu

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Pile foundation project: Viaduct of Changzhou City Viaduct Phase II

Pile foundation project: Danyang Evergrande Mingdu Sports Center

Pile foundation project: Shuizhuang, Napar Bay, Kunshan

Pile foundation project: First phase residence of Nantong Vanke Jinyu Lanwan Project

Pile foundation Project: Commercial Square of Jinmao International Project

Pile foundation project: Nantong Sublimation Building

Pile Foundation Project: Kunshan Campus of Suzhou Foreign Languages School

Foundation pit project: Jiangsu Diwejia Meeting City

Foundation pit project: Jiangsu Auto Parts City Square

Foundation pit Project: Jiangsu Jiangyin Chengxing Garden Phase II

Foundation pit Project: Jindu Building, Jingjiang, Jiangsu

Foundation Pit Project: Kaixuan International Plaza, Jingjiang, Jiangsu

Foundation pit Project: Jiangsu Lianyungang Industrial Exhibition Center

Foundation pit Project: Business Park of Lianyun New City, Jiangsu

Foundation pit Project: Jiangsu Lujia Branch office building

Foundation pit Project: Zhiyuan International Business Building, Suzhou Science and Technology City

Foundation Pit Project: Wuxi State Gold Center

Foundation pit project: Yangzhou another city

Foundation pit project: Nantong Evergrande Yulan Court foundation pit support

Foundation pit project: Suzhou Evergrande Jungrui Court

Foundation pit Project: Suzhou Jinyu Tixiang Project

Foundation pit Project: Wuxi Hengdacheng

Foundation pit Project: Wuxi Jiaye International City

Foundation pit project: Suqian Evergrande Oasis1#-4#,8#,10#,14#Floor of a building

Foundation pit project: Xuzhou Yellow River Garden Phase II

Foundation pit Project: Zhenjiang Evergrande Oasis1,2,4#Floor and basement

Foundation Pit Project: Changzhou Wanbo International Square

Foundation Pit Project: Jiangsu Jindayang City Life Square

Foundation pit project: New Yangtze River in Jiangsu(The accord)International hotel

Foundation pit Project: Xuzhou Jinmao Building

Foundation pit Project: Changshu Huifeng Times Square

Foundation pit Engineering: Changzhou Wanbo*North shore city

Foundation pit project: Nanjing Workers' Cultural Palace

Foundation Pit Project: Nanjing Central Gold Building

Foundation Pit Project: Phase I of the General Hospital of the Children's Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University

Foundation pit Project: Comprehensive development project of Suzhou high-speed railway station hub area

Foundation PIT Project: Block 1, Shihu Scenic Area, Suzhou High-tech Zone

Foundation pit Project: Suzhou Huirun International

Foundation pit Project: Suzhou Jincang Mingyuan Phase II

Foundation pit Project: Xuzhou Huaxia Tianshan Oasis Phase III

Foundation pit Project: Xuzhou Central International SquareCplot

Foundation pit project: The new trial court of Jingkou District People's Court of Zhenjiang City

Foundation pit Project: Wuxi Jiangyin Yipin City

Comprehensive Project: Suqian Golden Eagle3#Excavation support and pile construction in the second phase of the block

Foundation pit steel support: Zhenjiang Railway Station North Square reconstruction project

Foundation pit steel support: West block of Jiangyin South gate Commercial Block, Chengdi, Jiangsu

Foundation pit steel support: Jiangyin Chengdi, Jiangsu2014-C-9Date plot

Steel support of prestressed fish-belly foundation pit: Wuxi Good Neighborly Center

Triaxial cement soil mixing pile: Wuxi Metro Control Center

Three axis stirring pile: Kunshan Yizuolou Crown Convention and Exhibition Hotel

Three axis stirring pile: Pingjiang Branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University

Three shaft stirring pile+Pressure grouting pile: Jiangsu Beihekou Water Plant advanced treatment Phase II project and drainage transfer project advanced treatment Phase II construction general contractor

Three shaft stirring pile+Bored pile+High pressure rotary jet grouting pile: Jiangsu Shangyuanmen Water Plant transformation and deep treatment project

Pressure filling pile+Prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support: Chunqin Farmers Market, Xinwu District, Wuxi City

SMWConstruction method: Kunshan Zhongjin East China Data Center

Anti-floating pile: Jiangsu Canal Culture and Sports Exhibition Center

Pull out pile: Zhenjiang Evergrande Oasis

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