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Shallow foundation treatment

Shallow foundation generally refers to the bad soil layer thickness is less than 5 meters of the foundation. Shallow foundation treatment methods are various, common are:

Shallow foundation generally refers to the bad soil layer thickness is less than5The foundation of the meter. Shallow foundation treatment methods are various, common are:

1, change the soil cushion method

The method of soil replacement bedding is to excavate all or part of the loose soil and soft soil within a certain depth range below the foundation, backfill with sand, gravel, plain soil, ash soil, blast furnace dry slag and other materials with greater strength and low compressibility, and tamp them in layers to meet the requirements of the artificial foundation.

When the bearing capacity and deformation of the soft foundation can not meet the requirements of the building, and the thickness of the soft soil layer is not very large, the replacement of soil cushion is a relatively economic and simple treatment method.

The effects of soil replacement cushion on soft soil foundation are mainly reflected in the following aspects: improving the bearing capacity of shallow foundation and reducing the size of foundation; Reduce the foundation settlement; Accelerating drainage consolidation of soft soil; To prevent the frost heaving of the bearing layer, that is, the coarse grain cushion material plays the role of water isolation; Reduce or eliminate the expansion and contraction of soil.

This method is suitable for the treatment of loose soil fill, miscellaneous fill, collapsible loess, seasonal frozen soil, silt, silty soil and other high compressibility soft soil layer, dark ditch, dark pond, etc.

2Riprap compaction method

Riprap silting method, that is, through the high sensitivity of fluid plastic in the mud thrown into the larger stone flake, block, forced by external force out of silt, in order to improve the foundation bearing capacity, reduce the settlement, improve the stability of the soil foundation treatment method.

Due to the simple construction of riprap silting method, without pumping, without digging silting, construction is rapid, especially in the subgrade engineering, when the road subgrade through or part through the pond depression, commonly used to deal with the soft soil foundation.

3, geotextiles

Geotextile, also known as geofiber or geosynthetic materials, is the fiber of polymer woven through spinning, which is the general term of various polymeric materials.

Geotextiles come in many forms, such as "geomesh" woven with polymer material filaments, "geogrids" made of polymerized objects punched and stretched, and impermeable "geomembrane" required by engineering. According to the different manufacturing technology, it can be divided into "textile", "non-textile" and "woven" and so on.

4Dynamic compaction method,

The method of dynamic compaction refers to the heavy hammer falling freely from a high place and exerting great impact energy on the foundation soil, so as to improve the strength of the foundation soil, reduce the compressibility, improve the anti-liquefaction strength of the sand soil, eliminate the collapsibility of the collapsible loess, and reduce the possible difference settlement in the future, so as to achieve the purpose of foundation reinforcement.

For high saturation of silt and cohesive soil foundation, can be used to replace the method of dynamic compaction, that is, the use of heavy hammer ramming to displace the soft soil, in the ramming pit backfill block stone, gravel or other coarse material, the final formation of a composite foundation composed of sand and stone pile and soft soil.

Dynamic compaction

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