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Quality control requirements for the original soil-filled concrete pile with full guard cylinder

Concrete preparation requirements Pumped concrete shall meet the following requirements: 1. The supply station must provide Quality Certificate of Ready-mixed Concrete and concrete grading list; 2. 2, the initial setting time of concrete should not be less than 6 hours;

All linersUndisturbed soil filling concrete pile Quality control requirements

Concrete preparation requirements

The pumped concrete shall meet the following requirements:

1, the supply station must provide "ready-mixed concrete quality Certificate" and concrete grading list;

2The initial setting time of concrete should not be less than6Hours.

3, concrete collapse degree:180-220mm;

4, the amount of concrete cement should not be less than260kg/m3;

5, appropriate choosesP.O 42.5Cement;

6, should choose clean sand, mud content is not greater than3%;

7, stone should be selected hard particle size5-20mmOf bean stone or gravel, the mud content is not greater than2%;

8The concrete of commodities entering the site should have good workability and fluidity, and the slump loss should be able to meet the perfusion requirements;

9Each vehicle entering the concrete should be tested for its collapse degree.

Concrete Pipe Requirements

The steel pipe and high-strength flexible pipe connecting the concrete conveying pump with the drilling rig should not be less than the inner diameter125mm,Conveying pipe length should not be greater than60m;

Before construction, the sealing of the connection of the pipeline should be checked. The test method is as follows: close the concrete outlet valve, pump the tap water according to the pumping pressure of the normal pumping concrete, and the pipe connection does not leak, indicating that the pipeline connection is intact. If there is a leakage point, the leakage point of the joint card for strengthening treatment, until the leakage point disappears;

An arc-shaped steel pipe should be hung in the middle of the rig as a transition joint, and flexible pipes should be connected at both ends to reduce the amount of pipeline movement.

Steel cage production requirements

1The specifications and quality of the steel bars shall meet the design requirements, and a warranty shall be attached. Raw materials shall be sampled and submitted for inspection according to the construction code.

2Before making the steel cage, straighten the main bars, remove the dirt and rust on the surface of the steel bar, and accurately control the length of the steel bar.

3Steel cage should be made of ring mold:

Reinforcement cage should be made according to the design length; The main reinforcement and reinforcement are required to be spot welded firmly, and the main reinforcement shall not be damaged; usingE43andE50Type D welding rod for welding.

Allowable deviation:

The primary spacing±10mm; Stirrup spacing±20mm;

Diameter of the steel cage±10mm; The length of the steel cage±100mm;

Protective layer deviation is controlled in20mmwithin(ΩCircle).

4,The main bar of the steel cage is connected by electric welding. When single-sided welding is used, the binding length should not be less than10D(DRepresents the diameter of the main reinforcement); When double-sided welding is used, the binding length should not be less than5D.

5,The number of joints in the same section shall not be greater than the total number of main bars50%, adjacent joints should be staggered up and down, staggered distance should not be less than1m;

6The reinforcement cage shall be made as a whole and processed into a conical pile body, the total length of which is consistent with the designed pile length;

7Steel cage processing should be completed after the supervision inspection and acceptance can be used;

8After the steel cage is made, it should be placed on the clean ground to avoid being polluted by soil and oil stains;

9, rain and snow days should be covered with steel cage.

Undisturbed earth filling pile

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