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Strong foundation for you to explain the advantages of intelligent piling construction technology

Using special mixing grouting rig drilling and digging on the design of pile location, at the same time bit in direct injection or rotary jet cement slurry curing agent (and spray into the compressed air when necessary) and the foundation soil by mixing, the formation of columnar cement soil, instant will be prefabricated pipe pile core material depend on gravity and auxiliary equipment such as inserted in the soil, the pile lateral and end cement-soil after curing, It is integrated with the pile. According to the soil layer, the cement injection amount and the diameter of cement soil can be increased at the tip of the pile or the soft soil layer to improve the pile bearing capacity.

Intelligent embedded pile: using proprietary soil cutting grinder, combining with the intelligent control system, the soil cutting to pieces after injecting cement such as curing agent grout, according to a preset grouting quantity and for high speed cutting, cutting frequency mixing fully mixing, forming mud flow water, instant implants, precast pile formation strength composite pile, equipped with cement soil core equipment, random testing of cement soil quality. It has advantages in economy and environmental protection, especially in soft soil area. It overcomes the defects of the traditional cement mixture, such as poor uniformity, low strength, unformed core, jerky construction and unreliable quality.

Technical advantages:

1.Overcome the defects of traditional stiffened composite pile technology

(1Different machines have different effects

Intelligent pile planting: using soil cutting crusher, soil cutting and crushing, and then fully mix with curing agent.

Traditional process: the use of single-axis (or multi-axis transformation) cement mixing pile drilling rig, drilling process, soil can not be cut, can not be fully mixed, curing agent distribution is not uniform, cement soil strength is not uniform.

(2The difference between intelligent and manual control

Intelligent piling: Grouting amount, cutting times and other technical parameters are controlled by computer.

Traditional technology: grouting amount, cutting times and other technical parameters by manual control, the difference is big, the quality is not the same.

(3) Grouting mixing method is not the same

Intelligent piling: first cut and crush the soil, and then mix and stir while spraying.

Traditional process: soil mixing is not uniform, not fully stirred after spraying.

2.Make up forStatic pressure, the defects of hammer construction technology

(1) the problem of soil compaction without prefabricated pile construction;

(2) no large area disturbance of soil caused by construction;

(3) the construction without precast pile affects the surrounding environment;

(4(no pile floating, tilt, can not reach the elevation of the problem;

(5) Significantly reduce pile driving resistance, avoid site subsidence, save site treatment costs;

(6) greatly reduce the damage to pile materials during construction.

3.Lower cost than bored pile, no pile bottom sediment, diameter reduction and mud problems

4.Meet the needs of different projects

(1) can be used in dense areas of buildings and pipelines;

(2) to meet the needs of high-rise, super high-rise and large bearing capacity engineering piles, pile diameter can be reached1000mm, the design value of bearing capacity can be reached12000KN.

5.In view of the silt soil, the concrete replacement soil is used to strengthen the soil, so as to avoid the influence of excavation above the foundation pit on the pile body.

For the soil

Suitable for silty soil, clay, silt, sand (gravel) soil and strong weathering rock.

Intelligent embedded pile

Intelligent pile planting bit

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