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To celebrate the opening of the third runway of the Hong Kong International Airport, built on a strong foundation

Hong Kong airport is the biggest challenges facing the third runway construction aspect, before the project starts, sea DCM (mixing pile), land DCM (mixing pile), PVD (drain) in the sea, land gravel pile foundation treatment technology such as are for Japan, South Korea, the monopoly of international advanced technology, before and after the tender, the foreign counterparts enterprises of our country executes strict technology blockade. For this reason, the strong foundation has carried on the thorough research. After more than two years of continuous fighting day and night, countless scientific research, testing and adjustment, we have overcome the difficulties of equipment manufacturing and construction technology of PVD (drainage board) engineering ship, DCM (mixing pile) engineering ship, onshore gravel pile machine, and onshore DCM pile machine, and successfully mastered the core technology.

According to the Airport Authority of Hong Kong, the third runway of Hong Kong International Airport is at2022years7Will further enhance Hong Kong's status as an international aviation hub. The third runway construction project is a land reclamation project, covering an area of landabout650Hectares, divided into6The bid section is wholly owned by Sinochem Geotechnical GroupsubsidiaryShanghai Strong Foundation Engineering Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as"Strong foundation")The biggest blocks3206markFoundation treatment works.

3206The tender section foundation treatment mainly adoptsThe seaPVD(drainage plate),The seaDCM(Stirring pile)And the landDCM(mixing pile), onshore gravel pile,Large diameter rotary jet pile (DJM), dynamic compaction (RIC)As well as vibro-compaction and other engineering technologies, the strong foundation solved the construction difficulties one by one in the construction process and successfully completed the project construction, making a great contribution to the scheduled operation of the third runway. The water foundation treatment technology construction ability of the strong foundation has also been fully recognized by experts of the Hong Kong Airport Authority and the China Communications Project Consortium.

As an international aviation hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has been operating since1996It has been the world's busiest international cargo airport since 20002013It became the third busiest airport for international passenger traffic in the world. According to air traffictrendForecast, Hong Kong International Airport to2030The annual passenger volume will reach9700Ten thousand person-times, the annual freight volume reaches890Ten thousand tons, the annual aircraft takeoff and landing volume602000Sorties.

Hong Kong Airport Runway 3

The Airport Authority of Hong Kong has put the construction of a third runway at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on its agenda in order to increase the capacity to meet the increasing volume of aircraft taking off and landing. The project investmentabout1415Million Hong Kong dollars (approx1200100 million yuan),Planning and constructionA new passenger terminal,57One parking lot and one length3800Meters of the airport runway.

Construction site of the Third runway at Hong Kong Airport

Construction site of the Third runway at Hong Kong Airport

The construction of the third runway project of Hong Kong International Airport is full of difficult problems. It is necessary not only to meet the construction requirements, but also to pay attention to environmental protection, and try our best to minimize the leakage of pollutants from the reclaimed land and the impact on Marine life.

The biggest problem with the construction is that before the project gets started,The seaDCM(Stirring pile)And the landDCM(stirring pile),The seaPVD(drainage plate)The foundation treatment technology such as land gravel pile is the international advanced technology monopolized by Japan, Korea and Europe. Before and after bidding, foreign counterparts implement strict technical blockade to our country.

For this reason, the strong foundation has carried on the thorough research. Together with the scientific and technological strength of the whole group, the mechanical Research Institute of the Group and the Strong Foundation Technology Center were organized to jointly tackle key problems with units in the domestic shipbuilding, construction machinery production, ship design, software development and other related fields. After more than two years of continuous struggle day and night and countless scientific research, testing and adjustment, the group has been overcome successivelyThe seaPVD(drainage plate)Engineering ship,The seaDCM(Stirring pile)Engineering ship, land rubble pile machine, landDCMThe equipment manufacture and construction technology of pile machine are difficult.Successfully mastered the seaPVD(drainage plate)Engineering ship,The seaDCM(Stirring pile)The core technology of engineering ship construction.

Strong foundationThe seaPVD(drainage plate)Engineering ship construction technology for international innovation technologyIntelligent, efficient and fast construction,1Construction in half minutes12The root30Meters long drainage board, domestic counterparts generally a construction2~4Root, and construction time is longer. In this project, theTechnical accumulative construction of drainage board2000wanm, has been praised by the Hong Kong Airport Authority for its stable operation. 

Strong foundation seaPVDEngineering vessel (drainage board)

Strong foundationThe seaPVD(drainage plate)Engineering ship

Strong foundationThe seaDCM(Stirring pile)The engineering ship integrates many high-end technologies, such as underwater soil cutting and mixing, precise injection of cement grout, exchange of high and low grout spout, environmental protection treatment system and intelligent control construction. In the construction of this project, the strong foundation has fully mastered the intelligent core construction technologies of the engineering ship, such as mobile positioning system, leveling system, cement slurry mixing and grouting system, drilling and lifting pile system, etc., and can meet the design requirements in terms of construction ability, work efficiency and construction quality.

Strong seaDCM(mixing pile) construction ship

strongThe seaDCM(Stirring pile)Engineering ship

 Strong foundation is a professional foundation engineering enterprise that owns the ship earlier in ChinaThe seaDCM(Stirring pile)/The seaPVD(drainage plate)Engineering ship4The ship, compared with other central enterprises, is also in a leading position in number.

In addition, the bottom discharging method used in this project onshore gravel pile machine andlandDCMThe pile machineAll are developed for strong foundation, filling the domestic technology gap, breaking Japan, South Korea and European countries for a long timeTechnological monopoly,Let the engineering It's a boost.

Large diameter crushed stone pile,landDCMThe pile

Large diameter rubble pile (left) and onshoreDCMPiling machine (right picture)

During the acceptance of the project, the independently designed advanced equipment and independently developed technology of the strong foundation have been fully recognized by experts of the Hong Kong Airport Authority and the China Communications Project Consortium. In particular, the intelligent control system for land use of Marine pulping is an internationally advanced technology, which has been highly appraised by experts and has been well received by the Airport Authority.

The project is strongly groundedRespond to a nation"One Belt, One Road" development strategy, following Sri Lanka KollenPo Port City Project (ground treatment area200Ten thousand square meters),Delivered another mega project. The official opening of this project is the full affirmation and verification of the construction ability of strong foundation water foundation treatment technology. At the same time, it also cultivates a number of excellent management and construction talents for the construction of water foundation treatment engineering in China, and lays a solid foundation for the subsequent construction of the same type of engineering.

Strong foundation,24Years of industry experience,143Patents,1000+Project experience, with science and technology to make the foundation stronger, adhering to the spirit of "great country craftsman", waterDCM, waterPVDAnd other innovative technologies,For contractors, owners, design institute to provide safe water foundation treatment engineering technical consultation, construction services and other comprehensive solutions. Welcome free callsconsulting:400-100-2850.

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