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More engineering cases in Shandong

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Prestressed steel support: Jinan Rail TransitR2Lashan Station of Line 12,3 In the pavilion

Foundation pit engineering: Weihai Jindu Building

Foundation pit project: New Jinan - Qingdao high-speed railway projectJQGTSG-11The designated section of subway and urban corridor

Foundation pit Project: Dongying Huali International Financial Square

Foundation pit project: Dongying No.2 Middle School underground parking lot and civil air defense project

Foundation pit Project: Dongying Fangyuan International Financial Center

Foundation pit project: Dongying Kenli County Yu CAI Huadu

Foundation pit project: Linyi New City Wuyue Square

Foundation pit project: Dongying Wuhua Building

Foundation pit Project: Dongying Chang 'an Building

Foundation pit project: Jinan Road strength·Dongcheng project

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