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More cases in Shanghai

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Intelligent pile planting: Taopu Central Green Space Phase II1A block

Strong composite pile: Maple Gallery Building

Intelligent pile planting: Newly built Luheng Road north residential district Pujiang Town4-2.4-6Plot relocation resettlement housing

Pipe pile, square pile: rich Gentry business center

Pile foundation project: The second phase of Oasis Yabinli Garden

Pile foundation engineering: Shanghai Fosun in Vitro Diagnosis production base

Pile foundation project: Kangqiao Industrial zone standard workshop Phase 4

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke LingangC4D-02plot

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Xinguang Haikang Complex Building

Pile foundation works: Holy and Holy Square12#plot

Pile foundation Project: Yangshan Service Center Phase II and Phase III project

Pile foundation project: Changtai West Suburban Villa Phase 3, Section 1

Pile foundation Project: Baolong Shanghai Qingpu Huaxin6#7#10#plot

Pile foundation engineering: jade6East parcel of parcel No

Pile foundation engineering: rail transit11Baiyin Road Station of Line No. 1

Pile foundation Project: Jinmao International Phase II1-5#Floor of a building

Pile foundation project: Blue Mountain Phase III expanded demonstration area

Pile foundation project: Blue Hill Phase 3 old house

Pile foundation project: Blue Mountain Phase III demonstration area

Pile foundation project: Longwan Huating Phase II civil air defense garage

Pile foundation Project: Longwan Huating

Pile foundation Engineering: Rongxin.Hua cao36-01plot

Pile foundation Engineering: Rongxin.Hua cao42-01plot

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Baoshan Baoyang Baolong Square

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Hengdaijing

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Hengda Sheshan capital

Pile foundation Project: Baolong City Square, Jiading, Shanghai

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Pujiang Town multi - layer part of the sample area

Pile foundation Project: East side of Xinfu Middle Road, Huaxin Town, Qingpu District, ShanghaiE-3-02/ E-3-05plot

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke Jiading Juyuan Phase 1 bid

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke Golden Field Phase II

Pile Foundation Project: Shanghai Wanke King Yulan Bay Phase II

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke Lingang New CityNNW-C4D-02plot

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Vanke Zhaoxiang South block demonstration area

Pile foundation Project: New Lake Pearl City Phase III (1) Three bids

Pile foundation Project: Phase II of Evian Bay Town

Pile foundation Project: Zhabei District470A neighborhood6The high

Pile foundation Project: China Shipping Wanjincheng Phase 3

Pile foundation project: The first and second phase of China Resources Snow Beer

Pile foundation Project: Sewage treatment Plant of Shanghai Ocean Shipping (Group) Company

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Greenland is trueB1plot

Static pressure pipe pile: Oasis Yabinley Garden Phase II

Strong composite pile: Pudong New Area Gaoqiao Town Jinyayuan commercial housing

Static pressure pile: Renheng Senlan

Static pile pressing: Ren Heng Yi Court pile pressing project

Pressed cast-in-place pile: along Huangpu RiverE10unitE04-2plot

Cast-in pile, lattice column: Shanghai Evergrande Yujingwan2#,3#Tower crane

Foundation pit project: Contemporary Shanghai Minhang Wanguo Mansion

Foundation pit project: Qingpu Dianhu Road block

Foundation Pit Project: Qingpu Panyundi

Foundation PIT Project: North side of Xunan Road, Xihongqiao, Xujing Town, Qingpu District07-04plot

Foundation pit Engineering: Rongxin.Hua cao42-01plot

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Evergrande Dijing

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Hengda Sheshan capital

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai Evergrande Yujing Bay

Foundation pit project: with run Cheting road4#Plot commercial underground garage

Foundation pit project: New City Shangshangcheng Phase II residential part

Foundation pit project: Xuhui Pebble Beach

Foundation pit project: Yangguang City·Luodian New town, Baoshan DistrictE-4plot

Foundation pit Project: Zhonghai Purple Royal Haoting Project6Bplot

Foundation pit Project: Daning Star Guangyao Square

Foundation pit project: Fengxian District Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone11A-01Aplot

Foundation pit project: Jiashi Yi Island Mansion

Foundation pit project: Lingang New City main cityWSW-C3-2-1-2Block office building

Foundation pit Project: Mingyuan Hotel

Foundation Pit Project: Shanghai International Hardware Trading Center

Foundation pit project: Shanghai Railway Bureau air conditioning maintenance building, comprehensive building

Foundation pit project: New Jiangyang baseB1-06Plot the middle school

Foundation Pit Project: Xuhui Hongqiao International Square

Foundation Pit Project: Xuhui Hongqiao International Square

Foundation Pit Project: Xuhui Hongqiao International Square

Foundation pit project: Relocation housing for the second phase of the affordable housing base in Rainbow Bay

Foundation pit project: Dapu Road tunnel double track projectCarea

Foundation pit project: Foundation pit enclosure of Hongkou Commercial City

Foundation pit Project: Jiading New CityE17-01Plot rental house

Foundation pit project: Lingang Nanhui New CityNHC101Community Ice Star

Foundation pit Project: Zhuyuan Business Zone, Lujiazui2-13-4/5Building block

Foundation pit project: Phase III test section of Mingpin City

Foundation pit project: Nanxiang Sewage treatment Center

Foundation pit Project: Shanghai International Square

Foundation Pit Engineering: Shanghai Maritime UniversityD5-1-1plot

Foundation pit Project: Commercial Office Building of Shanghai Pengpu Industrial Company

Foundation Pit Project: Sub-center of Zhenru City, Putuo District, ShanghaiA4plot

Foundation pit project: Twin Buildings of Songjiang High-tech Park

Foundation pit Engineering: Tianhe Jinyuan Project Phase 4

Foundation pit project: Xuzhou Yellow River Garden Phase II

Foundation pit project: Yangpu District106Public rental housing in the neighborhood

Foundation pit Project: Zhongfang Riverside Project

Foundation pit Project: Science and Education Complex Building of Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences

SMWConstruction method: Xinjian Road, Renmin Road tunnel Yincheng north

TRDUnderground diaphragm wall: Shanghai Metro18Civil engineering of Line No11mark

Prestressed fish-belly steel support: Yingbin 2nd Road, East Area of Hongqiao AirportN1Block office building

Comprehensive project: East section of Yingbin No.3 Tunnel construction Project in Shanghai

Comprehensive Project: Shanghai Haifu City Garden Phase IICplot

Comprehensive Project: Shanghai Greentown*Shanghai New Jiangwan Project

Comprehensive Project: Shanghai Oasis Yabinli Garden Phase 3

Comprehensive Engineering: Shanghai Rongxin.Hua cao35-01plot

Comprehensive Engineering: Shanghai Rongxin.Zhao Lane characteristic residential area0-1Plot project

Comprehensive engineering: Shanghai Pujiang Town Project multi-storey part of the non-model area

Comprehensive Project: Shanghai Vanke Anting New Town13#plot

Comprehensive Project: No. 1 Zhaohui Road, Sijing, Songjiang, Shanghai

Comprehensive Project: Shanghai Xuhui Langxiang County

Comprehensive ENGINEERING: Pile foundation and FOUNDATION pit enclosure engineering of Shanghai Zhonghai Wanjincheng Project Phase II

Comprehensive Project: Minhang New City, ShanghaiMHC10204unit21A-01ASite Chenming Cultural Square project adjacent to the comprehensive project: Shanghai Nanhui New CityNHC101Community Ice Star

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