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Foundation pit supporting construction in Shanghai

The main forms of foundation pit supporting construction in Shanghai area are as follows: 1. Steel sheet pile Steel sheet pile is one of the most widely used deep foundation pit supporting structures in Shanghai soft soil base area. Larsen steel sheet piles are commonly used for hot rolled U-section, which can be used to excavate foundation pits with a depth of 5 ~ 10 meters. Because the one-time investment is larger, it is more rented in the form of lease, after use, pull out and return. The types of steel sheet piles used by each construction unit combined with the characteristics of the project are as follows:

In the Shanghai areaFoundation pit supportingMain forms of construction:

One, steel sheet pile

Steel sheet pile is deep in Shanghai soft soil base areaFoundation pit supportingOne of the more structural applications. Commonly used for hot rollingULarsen steel sheet pile of type A cross section can be used for excavation depth510Meters of foundation pit. Because the one-time investment is larger, it is more rented in the form of lease, after use, pull out and return. The construction units combined with the characteristics of the project to use steel sheet pile type:

Cantilever steel sheet pile﹑For THE PROJECT FAR AWAY FROM THE ORIGINAL BUILDING AND PILE FOUNDATION, THIS KIND OF PULLING PILE CAN BE APPLIED WHEN THE sheet pile has considerable stiffness, but the CANTIlever height is limited and the displacement of pile top and soil outside the pit is large.

Pull anchor steel sheet pile﹐For depth6When there are active landslide lines and sites outside the range of passive landslide lines around the foundation pit within meters, it is more effective to pull anchor plate pile. It enables the soil to be excavated at one time, which is beneficial to shorten the construction period.

Bracing steel sheet pile is not a large foundation pit area but a deep foundation pit, which requires high stiffness of sheet pile system,Supporting sheet pile is a more effective method.

When pulling anchor or supporting conditions are not enough, the steel sheet pile with inner bracing method is also used in the construction of Lianyi Building, Ocean hotel and other projects. That is, the supporting pile with larger stiffness is driven into the foundation pit to support the sheet pile, which can be supported with digging. Therefore, the excavation can also be completed at one time. In order to achieve better effect and make the bearing capacity of the inner bracing pile larger, the supporting pile is better inclined pile.

Second, reinforced concrete sheet pile

This IS a KIND OF TRADITIONAL and ECONOMICAL FOUNDATION PIT RETAINING structure, the section with the TONing can play the role of retaining water, after driving in the soil will remain permanently no longer removed, mostly used for steel sheet pile is difficult to remove the section. It is a simple process, good retaining effect,According to the condition of soft soil foundation building deep retaining technology. The precast slab pile of reinforced concrete is precisely laid along the edge of the foundation, and can replace the outer mold of the foundation, which simplifies the construction of reinforced concrete engineering of the foundation.

Three, underground diaphragm wall

Underground diaphragm wall construction technology is70A new technology developed in the late 1990s. Underground diaphragm wall technology is to excavate a certain length with special trenching machinery before earthwork excavation(A unit groove section) of the deep groove, and the use of mud wall, and then the reinforcement cage into the groove, and then the pipe method of pouring concrete, with the concrete surface rising mud displacement, to be poured to the design elevation of concrete, a unit groove section is completed. Each unit groove segment is connected by special joints to form a continuous underground reinforced concrete wall. The enclosed diaphragm wall can not only retain soil, but also waterproof. It is more economical to use the diaphragm wall as the load-bearing structure of the building. The combination of underground diaphragm wall and "reverse method" construction can not only shorten the construction period, save temporary support materials, but also reduce the impact on traffic in the densely populated urban areas of Shanghai.

Four, caisson structure

The caisson method is developed from the traditional drilling technology. In the past more used in bridge pier foundation, drainage pumping station, large drainage pit Wells and other municipal engineering. With the development of modern construction technology, the caisson construction method can be applied to any environment and geological conditions, and it is a common type of building enclosing structures in various deep underground.

Five, soil anchor rod

This is a tension rod, one end of which is connected with the supporting structure or structure, and the other end is anchored in the soil layer to ensure the stability of the structure and the soil layer supported by the structure. In China80Research and application began in the beginning of the decade, but none of them were tested and applied in saturated soft soil layer.

 Foundation pit supporting construction in Shanghai

6. Composite support structure

Foundation pit supporting

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