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The overwater DCM project of Hengqin Mango tunnel project in Shanghai was successfully completed

Recently, the Shanghai strong foundation engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "strong" Shanghai) hengqin Mang chau tunnel water period of soft foundation reinforcement engineering of the project has been smoothly completed, this is our water DCM (deep mixing cement-soil pile) technology in the mainland's first successful application, the foundation for our water treatment engineering construction has accumulated valuable experience.

Recently, Shanghai Strong Foundation Engineering Co., LTDThe soft foundation reinforcement project of Hengqin mango tunnel project has been successfully completed. This is our company's waterDCMThe FIRST SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION OF DEEP SOIL-CEMENT MIXING PILE TECHNOLOGY IN MAINLAND China HAS accumulated valuable experience for the construction of water foundation treatment project of our company.

Hengqin mango Island tunnel project is a key project of Hengqin Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Deep cooperation Zone and Zhuhai City. The total length of the tunnel is about2kmAnd the length of the water section is approx500m.This project on waterDCMThe total reinforcement area is approx5300m2, the reinforcement quantity is about16Ten thousand square.

The project was originally scheduled for last year11Due to the impact of the epidemic and high traffic restrictions, the relevant construction procedures for the approach were processed slowly until this year3Month was officially admitted. In order to ensure the overall progress of the project, the project department of our company held meetings and discussions with relevant departments of the company to formulate a scientific and reasonable construction plan, and took various measures, including communication between project personnel and the general contractor for many times, to ensure the timely supply of cement; Actively improve the construction equipment, improve the construction efficiency; Strengthen on-site management, pay attention to equipment maintenance; Eliminate the hidden trouble of equipment in time, reduce the failure rate of equipment, so as to make the project safe, efficient and orderly progress.

Although affected by the epidemic and high traffic restrictions delayed a lot of time, but after the early full preparation and constructionIn the process of strict control, the project was finally completed on time, by the general contractor, the owner of the unanimous praise!

figure1~figure4, respectively,DCMConstruction photos, equipment maintenance, owner visit inspection work and coring photos, where, from4It is known that the appearance and smoothness of stirring pile coreGood, high integrity, the strength of the test block meets the strength requirements after testing, and the construction quality of the mixing pile is reliable.

 Construction photos

figure1  Construction photos

Equipment maintenance

figure2  Equipment maintenance

Inspection by owners

figure3  Inspection by owners

Photo of mixing pile coring

figure4  Photo of mixing pile coring

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