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Section steel composite support - Shanghai Strong fish belly beam construction preparation

(1) Determine the stacking position of steel components and the entry and exit route of construction machinery. (2) Clear construction roads and travel routes.

1, section steel combination supportPlease prepare

(1)Determine the stacked location of steel components and the route of construction machinery.

(2)Clear construction roads and travel routes.

Sectional steel brace

2, construction site layout

The main basic materials and facilities in the stage of support construction are: section steel, steel strand, support components, stacking sites;Excavators, cranes, air compressors, welders and other construction tools; On-site office and living area.

According to different construction stages, dynamic optimization of site layout, according to the actual situation reasonable arrangementprocessTo ensure the smooth construction.

Sectional steel brace

3,Technical and site preparation before commencement of construction

(1(Drawing review, requirements: familiar with engineering foundation pit enclosure before constructiontypeSteel combination support design drawings, self-check drawings, clear design requirements and deformation control standards, calculate the type and quantity of required standard parts, master the construction process.

(2Design technical disclosure requirements: invite designers to the site to make technical disclosure of design intention, deformation control, prestressed construction, emergency plan, quality control and key technical issues to technical and management personnel of the construction unit, and form technical disclosure documentsretainedFor future reference.

(3)Measuring unreeling

According TO THE DESIGN DRAWINGS AND POSITIONING COORDINATES, DETERMINE THE MAIN COORDINATE VALUES OF FOUNDATION PIT RETAINING PILES, COLUMN piles, PURlins and connectors, SET THE lines FOR the points, and set the marker to protect the position points.

(4)Excavation working face

Slotted to prepare the construction face, the bottom elevation is controlled at the design support bottom elevation-0.5mPosition, width is purlin widthaddWidth of slope. Should be slotted in the connection position, the position of the brace and the position of the Angle brace, the width isComponent size plusWidth of slope.

Sectional steel brace

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