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Shanghai strong foundation occluding pile technology

The construction technology of cement soil-concrete interlocking pile in Shanghai strong foundation adopts separated cement soil-cement mixing pile to form a row of equally spaced cement soil-cement piles at a time. The original soil-cement mixing pile machine is used to cut part of the cement soil-cement mixing pile between two cement soil-cement mixing piles to form a hole.

Technical principle of cement-soil concrete interlocking pile

Shanghai Strong foundationSoil-cement and concreteConstruction technology of occluding pileHas separable formed a row of mixing cement-soil pile spacing, such as in the original state soil pile machine cutting part between two soil-cement mixing piles cement-soil mixing pile into a hole, forming piles, implementation between soil-cement mixing piles and piles of occlusion, the original water stop curtain of soil-cement mixing piles and reinforced concrete piles are arranged in a row, To achieve water stop and soil retaining support effect.

Photograph of the occlusal post

The advantages of cement-soil and concrete interlocking pile

(1) the construction speed is fast;

(2) No mud discharge, green environmental protection, no mud shipping costs;

(3) The use of special machines to ensure the vertical degree of the pile, lap amount, good sealing effect;

(4) The concrete retaining pile and the sealing curtain are integrated into one, which solves a series of problems such as soil loss between concrete filling piles, reduces the construction space occupied by the enclosure structure, and can expand the basement space.

Photograph of the occlusal post

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