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SMW is the abbreviation of the Soil Mixing Wall, which was introduced in Japan in 1976 and is now widely used in the open tunnel enclosure and deep foundation pit waterproof curtain. In this method, a multi-axis drilling mixer is used to drill at a certain depth on site, and the curing agent is sprayed at the bit to continuously mix and stir with the soil. Each pile body is constructed by lapping.

SMWmethod isSoil Mixing WallFor short, the method1976 It is widely used in open tunnel enclosure structure and deep foundation pit water curtain. In this method, a multi-axis drilling mixer is used to drill at a certain depth on site, and at the same time, the curing agent is sprayed at the bit to continuously mix and stir with the soil. Each pile is constructed by lapping, and the cement soil is inserted before hardening HSection steel or steel as reinforcement material, to the concrete joint hard, will produce a joint with a certain hardness and stiffness of the continuous wall, also called the strength of cement soil mixing pile method .The load bearing and water retaining fusion. The enclosure wall with retaining soil and impermeability at the same time. If only anti-permeability can be cancelled into steel or thick steel plate, reduce the cost, speed up the progress.

SMWmethod The most common is the three-axis cement soil mixing pile machine, the construction of cement mortar and soil mixing at the same time into high pressure gas, high-pressure grouting on both sides of the drill pipe, the middle drill pipe air compressor air injection, while rotating mixing to make each piece of cement soil cement content more uniform.

2chapterSMWequipment1-Large equipment

SMWThe construction method has the following characteristics compared with the construction methods, such as ground wall and punching pile, which are often used at present stage:

(1) Low impact on occupants: low noise during construction.

(2) has little harm to the surrounding environment: the construction will not disturb the adjacent soil, and will not cause the adjacent ground subsidence, house tilt, road crack damage and underground facility displacement.

(3) High reliability: InsertHSection steel or steel plate, having a certain composite structural strength.

(4Strong water retention: injection of high pressure gas can make the curing agent and soil fully stirred, and each pile overlaps with each other, the wall without joints.

(5) Low project cost:HReinforced steel and other components can be recycled, and the waste transport volume is less than other methods.

(6Fast construction progress: the required construction period is shorter than other construction methods.

(7Versatile: can use all kinds of strata.

(8) Deep excavation: wall thickness can be formed5501300mm. Commonly used thickness 600mm; The maximum wall depth is currently65m.Depending on geological conditions, construction can go deeper.

SMWConstruction process:

(1) Guide trench excavation: determine whether there are obstacles and make mud ditch;

(2 ) placement guide rail;

(3(to set construction marks;

(4)SMWDrilling and mixing: drilling and stirring, stirring repeatedly, stirring when lifting;

( 5) Placing stress reinforcing material (HSteel);

(6) fixed stress reinforcing material;

(7 The construction is complete.

The overlapping of the three-axis mixing pile and the vertical correction of the forming mixing pile are realized by the repeated drilling of the mixing pile single hole to ensure the waterproof curtain function of the mixing pile. Three-axis mixing pile generally adopts job-hopping double-hole full set of complex agitation construction, but in special circumstances (such as stirring pile into a corner construction or construction discontinuous) can also be used unilateral extrusion construction. The average speed of grouting and drilling is controlled in1m/min.Through the first 4 ,6,7The silty sand layer is not greater than 0.8m/min The speed of stirring to the design depth, static spray 20Start mixing after seconds, according to no more than1m/min Increase the speed of 5m After sinking, stirring to the bottom of the pile and lifting to the top of the pile, the lifting speed is not greater than 1.2m/min.

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