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Key points of SMW construction supervision control

Key points of SMW construction supervision and control: 1. Before construction, check the SMW construction scheme, machines, equipment, gauges and inspection, and require the construction unit to seriously disclose the safety technology. 2. Test the technical parameters, determine the mix ratio, and pass the retest of the license, warranty and qualification certificate of the finished and semi-finished products of raw materials. The supplier shall provide inspection report of H-beam steel.

SMWmethodKey points of construction supervision control:

1Inspection before constructionSMWmethodConstruction plans, machines and tools, equipment, gauges, and inspection are qualified, and the construction unit is required to seriously disclose the safety technology.

2, test technical parameters, determine the mix ratio, raw material finished products and semi-finished products of the license, warranty and certificate of quality must pass the second test, the supplier should beHSection steel to provide inspection report.

3Before construction, the ground and underground obstacles must be cleared to ensure thatSMWConstruction method safety and accuracy.

4The equipment must be debugging before starting, check the smoothness of pile machine and conveying pipe. The stackingHSection steel, the site must be level to ensureHFlatness and verticality of section steel.

5In the construction process, according to the test pile to determine the mixing ratio, lifting speed, pressure gauge, flow meter and other construction parameters, each pile inspection cement dosage, pile length, mixing time, lifting speed and times, grouting pressure, flow rate,HWhen hoisting section steel, check perpendicularity, position, depth and continuity.

6When mixing cement slurry, it is necessary to have reliable measuring device, regular and irregular spot check of the prepared cement slurry to ensure the cement dosage and injection flow of each pile.

7When patrolling the side station, check the retention of cement-soil test block, urge the construction party to take samples on site, and make the size of70.7The standard test block of. Be representative and authentic.

8, pile position deviation shall not be greater than50mm, the vertical deviation shall not be greater thanL/200, the upper elevation is higher than the designed height50cm, the bottom exceeds the design depth10cm~20cm, to ensure the effective length of the pile, its lap length shall not be less than the design requirements20cm, the lap interval shall not exceed10Hours.

9To insertHSteel cement soil mixing pile, must be mixed evenly, check the water cement ratio, consistency and cement content of cement slurry, steel test after coating antifriction agent, not leakage coating, convenient recovery can be pulled out smoothly.

10After mixing cement and soil30~60Insert within minutesHSection steel, hoisting section steel must be vertical, depending on the weight of the section steel, or with some external force, will beHSection steel inserted into the mixing pile, its position insertion depth must meet the design requirements.

11As a support structure, each pile must be connected through the pile top to play a common stress role. The top of the stirring pile without inserted steel should be inserted with embedded reinforcement, so that the stirring pile is connected as a whole and the force is uniform.

12The construction of the internal structure reaches the design strength, and the foundation pit can be pulled out and inserted after the completion of soil coveringHSection steel, urge the construction side to backfill sand or grouting to fill the pile clearance. For crossing the river, after the section steel is pulled out, the pile gap should be filled with grouting immediately.

13Check the site records of the construction party, the data is true, timely and complete.


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