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SMW construction method H - steel coated with antifriction agent requirements

According to the requirements of engineering design, if the H-shaped steel of SMW retaining pile must be pulled out and recovered after the structural strength reaches the design requirements, the H-shaped steel must be brushed with anti-friction agent before use to facilitate pulling out, and the surface of the steel is required to be evenly brushed with anti-friction agent.

SMWThe method of pileHRequirements for rubbing antifriction agents in section steels

According to engineering design requirementsSMWThe method of pileHAfter the strength of section steel structure reaches the design requirements, it must be pulled out and recovered, thenHThe anti-friction agent must be brushed on the surface of the section before use so that it can be pulled out.

1,HDirt and rust on the surface of section steel.

2The antifriction agent must be heated with electric heating rod until completely melted. Use a stir stick to feel even thickness before applyingHOn section steel, uneven coating is easy to peel.

3If the rain and snow days, steel surface wet, should be used to wipe the surface with a rag, and then coated with antifriction agent. Do not apply directly to wet surfaces, otherwise it will flake.

4.ifHIf you do not apply antifriction agent immediately after removing surface rust, the surface dust must be wiped before applying antifriction agent.

5,HSection steel coated on the surface, once found coating cracking peeling, it must be removed, reapply antifriction agent.

6After foundation pit excavation, when setting up supporting steel leg, it must be cleared before electric weldingHCoating of exposed section of section steel. When the underground structure is complete, the supports are removed. The steel shank and the concrete around the shank must be removed, the steel surface should be ground flat, and then evenly coated with anti-friction agent, otherwise the steel will not be able to pull out.

7,HSection steel buried in the top of the ring beam to do protection and isolation measures.

It will be exposed when casting the girdersHThe cement soil on the surface of the section steel is dug out and cleaned and buried in the ring beamHThe steel section must be wrapped in two layers of kraft paper and fixed with sealing tape to bond the kraft paper; The wrapping height of the kraft paper is higher than the top of the ring beam15cm; Wrap the craft paper in styrofoam, hold the craft paper down with the styrofoam sheet, use firstUType of thick iron wire foam pieces, and then use wide tape from bottom to top paste all foam plastic pieces of the joint, so that all foam plastic linoleum pieces connected into a whole; The length of the foam sheet is determined from the bottom of the circular beam to the bottom of the circular hole in the center of the steel plate, and its width depends on the dimensions of each side of the section steel.

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