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Construction technology of three - axis cement mixing pile

Three axis cement mixing is a long screw pile machine, at the same time there are three auger drilling, construction at the same time three auger drilling downward construction, the use of mixing pile machine will cement into the soil and fully mixing, cement and soil a series of physical and chemical reactions, so that the soft soil hardening.

Three axisCement mixing pileIt is a kind of long screw pile machine, with three auger holes at the same time. Three auger holes are constructed downward at the same time. The cement is sprayed into the soil and stirred fully by mixing pile machine, so that a series of physical and chemical reactions occur between cement and soil, and the soft soil is hardened.

Conditions of application:Normally consolidated silt and silt soil, silt, saturated loess, plain filled soil, clay soil, peat soil, organic soil, etc.

Construction method:The construction site should be smooth, the surface hard material should be removed, and the plain filling should be rammed; According to the coordinate datum point provided, carry out the lofting positioning and elevation survey according to the design scheme; Guide groove construction, three-axis mixing pile construction process will pour out a large number of mud, in order to ensure the safety of the pile machine displacement and construction site clean, need to use the excavation machine in advance trench; Three - axis mixing pile drilling construction, pile vertical degree3‰Within, cement slurry should be injected into the drill pipe when sinking and lifting, and the sinking speed of the drill pipe should not be greater than0.7m/min, the lifting speed is not greater than0.8m/minStart the mortar pump. When the pure cement slurry reaches the mixing head, it will be increased according to the speed required by the calculation, and the cement slurry and the original foundation soil will be fully mixed until it is lifted to the ground50cmTurn off the mortar pump after the design elevation is placed or ordered.

Triaxial cement mixing pile

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