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Construction requirements for soil nailing walls

Some of the structural requirements of soil nailwall, mostly in the actual project experience summary, generally have the following provisions:

Some of the structural requirements of soil nailwall, mostly in the actual project experience summary, generally have the following provisions:

(1) Soil nail anchor solid diameter should be 800mm150mm;

(2) The side wall slope ratio of soil nailing wall should be 1:0.2, the horizontal direction of the soil nail should be done 10°15°;

(3) Soil nails and rebar should be used HRB335 The diameter of steel bar should be above grade 20mm32mm;

(4) Length of soil nail L Should be determined by calculation,L And excavation depthh The ratio of the appropriate for 0.61.5;

(5) Horizontal spacing of soil nails is desirable 1.0m2.0m, the vertical spacing should be calculated and determined according to the soil layer conditions0.8m2.0m, the small value in the sand layer;

(6) high along the length of the soil nail 1m2m The midpoint support should be set to ensure that there is a slurry protective layer of sufficient thickness around the soil nail reinforcement;

(7) Grouting type steel pipe soil nail is suitable for filling soil and sand layers which are not easy to form holes;

(8) The outer diameter of soil nail for steel pipe should be no less than 48mm, the wall thickness is not less than 3mm The steel pipe, along the soil nails long every other0.20.8m Set the barb and pair of holes, the aperture should be 10mm Left and right, orifice 2m3m Grouting holes should not be set within the scope;

(9) The length of steel pipe soil nail shall be butt welded, and the joint shall be welded not less than 3 The rootφ16 The length of the weld should be equal to the length of the reinforcement;

(10) The surface thickness of shotcrete should be 80mm150mm, the concrete strength grade is not less than C20. The surface layer should be configured with steel mesh, steel mesh can be used HPB235 Class steel bar, the diameter of steel bar should be 6mm20mm, the distance between the steel mesh should be 150mm250mm, the steel bar lap length should be greater than 300mm;

(11For the connection between soil nail reinforcement and shotcrete surface layer, anchor plate can be used when the lateral pressure of important engineering or support surface layer is high (FIG 18.11.12a) connection mode; In general engineering, a short section of steel bar can be welded along the length direction of the soil nail end head(figure 18.11.12b), and the surface layer is connected with the adjacent soil nail end of the length of the reinforcement mutual welding.

Soil nailing wall

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