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More project cases in Tianjin area

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Three shaft stirring pile: Tianjin Jiahai Phase I

Three axis stirring pile: Tianjin Joy City

Three axis mixing pile: Hongqi Road South Apartment, Tianjin

Three-axis stirring pile: Qinghai Billion Trillion Building, Xiangluowan, Tianjin

Three-axis mixing pile: Yujiapu Financial District, Tianjin

Three axis stirring pile: Zhonghui Xiyuan Square

Three axis stirring pile: Tianjin Tishman Chengdu Road

Three axis mixing pile: Tianjin Xiangyun Mingyuan, commercial and garage

Three axis stirring pile: Tianjin Citic City Square first zone

Cement-soil mixing pile: Jinnan Sewage Treatment Plant (relocation of Jizhuang Sewage Treatment Plant)

SMWmethodTanggu Development Zone Modern Industrial Zone

SMWConstruction method: Tianjin Metro Line 2

SMWConstruction Method: Yuetan Building, Jinnan District, Tianjin

Stiffening pile: Integrated residential area of software and service outsourcing base in Tianjin High-tech Zone

Foundation pit engineering: Reconstruction and expansion project of Tianjin Hospital

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Mobile Airport Logistics

Foundation pit Project: Jixian New Town Demonstration Town resettlement area projectC2Plot underground garage

Foundation pit Project: Beiyun Station block of Tianjin Metro Line 6 (DNeighborhood) Rongdu Jiayuan

Foundation PIT PROJECT: Tianjin PORT DagU Port Area Warehousing and Logistics Center Phase I

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Haihe

Foundation Pit Project: Block 2, Sunac Quanyun Village, Tianjin

Foundation Pit Project: Jinherong No.1 Block, Tianjin

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Waterside Garden9#10#Floor of a building

Foundation pit Project: Wenzhou Building in Tianjin

Foundation Pit Project: Reconstruction and expansion project of Tianjin Hospital (Phase II)

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Changqing Scientific Research Center

Foundation pit Engineering: Phase I and Phase III of Xuhui Yufu Project

Foundation pit Project: Tianjin Sunac Aocheng Serviced Apartment Phase 5

Stiffening pile+Cement mixing pile: Tianhe City Shopping Center, Tianjin

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