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Section steel inner support construction unit

Steel supporting construction units within Shanghai strong foundation with prestressed steel belly type foundation pit supporting technology, the system consists of vertical retaining wall, prestressed the stomach beam, pre coping binder, purlin, gusset (to stay), bracket, triangle fittings, vertical column and so on, USES the high strength bolt connection of statically indeterminate structure, the structure is safe and reliable.

Section steel inner support construction unitShanghai strong foundation is equipped with prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support technology. The system is composed of vertical enclosing wall, prestressed fish-belly beam, prepressed jack, enclosing purlin, Angle brace (counter brace), bull leg, triangular connector, vertical column, etc. The statically indeterminate structure is connected by high-strength bolts, which is safe and reliable.

Prestressed prefabricated steel support of fish belly beam has the following advantages:

1Compared with the traditional support system, the construction steel input is reduced, and the support cost and construction cost are reduced30%The above.

2Compared with the traditional support system, the prestressed fish belly beam support system forms an open space in the middle, which is convenient for foundation pit excavation and structural construction.

3The components in the support system can be fully recovered and reused, which is in line with the national industrial policy of energy conservation and emission reduction.

4As the support is connected by on-site assembly bolts, no welding is required, greatly reducing the construction time.

5The monitoring system is installed on the outer side of the foundation pit and the prestressed fish-belly beam prefabricated steel support to dynamically observe the foundation pit support and detect the lateral displacement of the foundation pit and the main stressed components from time to time, so that the foundation pit support is more active than the traditional support.

Section steel inner support construction unit

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