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Application of section steel composite support in deep foundation pit

Compared with the traditional concrete support, the steel composite brace-prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support is connected with high-strength bolts, which can be installed and disassembled quickly, and can significantly shorten the construction period. All components and materials are recycled, making them green and generally cheaper than traditional concrete supports.  
Sectional steel brace-Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing, compared to traditional concrete bracing .High strength bolt connection, installation and disassembly speed, can be obvious To shorten theConstruction period; All components and materials are recycled, making them green and generally cheaper than traditional concrete supports. Capable of applying prestressFish belly beam structure , reduce the number of steel components to a certain extent, can reduce the construction period and cost, provide open construction space, convenient for excavation, transportation and underground structure construction, the overall can be reduced20%Above the cost, shorten40%The aboveConstruction period.

Sectional steel brace

Residential housing improvement project in Beili, Wanzhuang, Xicheng District, Beijing

theprojectLocated on the ancient road of Yongding River,It is located in the core of Beijing, close to the office building of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, PRC, surrounded by numerous buildings, roads and municipal pipelines, as well as foundation pitsThe excavation depth reaches 25.1m .The construction site is narrow and small, and the quality requirements, as well as the transport out of the earth are very largeThe challenge.

Sectional steel brace

The foundation pit of the project adopts the steel support technology of prestressed fish-belly foundation pit. Compared with the traditional concrete support, this technology has the following advantages:

(1) adopt standardized components, bolt connection, on-site installation and disassembly,Construction speed is fast,The noise is small;Components can be recycled, no construction waste, green environmental protection.

(2)Prestressed fish-belly steel supports apply sufficient prestress before opening of the foundation pit. Most of the compression deformation of the support is eliminated, so as to improve the safety of the foundation pit supporting structure. Reduces the deformation of the foundation pit,Adjust the prestress by loading device and other measures . It can ensure the safety of supporting structure and control the deformation of surrounding soil   . Effectively protect the foundation pit surrounding construction ( constitutive )   Environmental safety of buildings, municipal roads and pipelines.

(3) The steel support arrangement can provide larger construction working face, convenient and quick excavation, and at the same timeReduce the installation, demolition and earthwork excavation period of the enclosure structure.

Sectional steel brace

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