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Introduction to the construction method of rotary digging and drilling occlusal pile

Working principle of the rotary digging drilling is to use the short spiral drill or rotary digging bucket, the use of powerful torque directly to the soil or gravel etc on the drill rotary digging, and then quickly hole is put forward, in the case of don't need slurry-supported, which can realize dry construction, even in the case of special stratum need slurry-supported, mud is also only a supporting role, in the drilling mud content is quite low, This greatly reduces the pollution source, reduces the construction cost, improves the construction environment, and high efficiency of hole formation.

Rotary digging drillOcclusal pileThe working principle is to use a short auger drill or rotary bucket, directly drilling the soil or gravel and other rotary excavation, and then quickly put out the hole, when the water table is low, can realize dry construction; In the formation prone to collapse hole, mud wall protection is needed, mud plays a supporting role, and the amount of mud in drilling is not much, which reduces the pollution source ,The construction cost is reduced, the construction environment is improved, and the hole forming efficiency is high.


Low noise, small vibration, small pollution, very suitable for construction in the downtown area.


Scope of application:

It is mainly suitable for sandy soil, clay soil, silty soil and other soil layers, and is widely used in the construction of a variety of foundation foundations, such as filling pile, continuous wall, foundation reinforcement, etc. It is a construction technology suitable for hole forming in building foundation engineering. Widely used in municipal construction, highway Bridges, high-rise buildings and other ground construction projects.

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