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Application of new occlusal pile technology in silt soil

The construction technology adopts the bite pile + prestressed fish-belly type foundation pit steel support technology. The excavation area of the foundation pit is 12,584 square meters, the circumference is 614m, and the excavation depth is 9.05m. The project is located in the parcel on the east side of Sunqiao Road and the north of Gaomuqiao Road in Pudong New District, Shanghai.

-- Foundation pit enclosure project of Shanghai Shengyu Garden

Project information: Excavation area of foundation pit12584㎡Circumference,614m, excavation depth9.05m

Construction technology:Occlusal pile+Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pittechnology

Commencement Date:2018years1month

The project is located in the north of Gaomuqiao Road, east of Sunqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

Within project support

Project support -- prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support construction site

As the soil layer of the project site is mainly silt soil, which has thixotropy and rheological characteristics, it is easy to have adverse effects on the retaining structure of the foundation pit, so it is advisable to adopt the pile row retaining wall+Support system of water stop curtain. According to the site topography, surrounding environment and time requirements, the project team comprehensively analyzed several commonly used pile row enclosure systems: steel cement soil mixing wall, bored pile row+The sealing curtain, diaphragm wall, occluding pile, finally determine the foundation pit enclosure part adopts the concrete pile and cement-soil mixing pile occluding technology, forming a continuous retaining and sealing enclosure structure. This enclosure structure is fundamentally different from the traditional occluding pile, mainly reflected in the following points:

(1)Cement-soil mixing pileThe bidirectional cutting and uniaxial mixing pile can be constructed with smart construction technology to form the pile body with uniform and high strength, which can not be achieved by the traditional mixing pile.

(2) The strength of soil-cement pile is not greater than that when it is cut1MPa, easy to cut and bite with concrete pile;

(3) the cage mixing cutting bit of two-way cutting and mixing pile machine has high directionality, forming high vertical degree of mixing pile, so that the concrete pile and mixing pile can be completely occluded from top to bottom without bifurcation, eliminating the defects of traditional occluding pile easy to leak;

(4) original soil pressure irrigation concrete pile function to make pressure irrigation concrete vibration molding, concrete slurry fully infiltrated into the mixing pile bite mouth, fully bonded, integrated.

In the deep foundation pit project in Shanghai, this new green occlusal pile technology overcomes the traditional plain concrete pile with high strength and difficult to cut and occlude. The vertical degree of plain concrete pile is low and the occlusal surface is easy to open. When the concrete pile is drilled under water, the mud skin is formed on the occlusal surface of the concrete pile, and the concrete cannot vibrate, so that the occlusal surface has gaps and other defects.

The occlusal pile, which is formed by two-way cutting and mixing pile and undisturbed soil extraction and pressure irrigation pile, has the following advantages:

(1) Soil retaining, water sealing into one, reduce cost, save space;

(2) reduce the amount of work and shorten the construction period;

(3) No mud discharge, green environmental protection.

The project has been successfully completed and has been well received by Party A.

Occlusal pile

Project occluding pile

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