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Construction technology of pressure grouting pile

Shanghai has a strong foundation undisturbed soil pressure pouring concrete pile technology, pressure filling pile technology has the following advantages: (1) the good quality of pile concrete from the tool center to the hole medium pressure, less material is close-grained, broken pile and necking phenomenon, the soil around the pile hole by compaction, not easy to happen the surface uplift, slumping hole and reducing adverse phenomenon, overall, good pore forming quality.

Shanghai has a strong foundation undisturbed soil pressure pouring concrete pile technology, inherited the advantages of long spiral drilling pressure filling pile, first using special screw drill tool to form the pile diameter, pile bottom design depth and then through the hollow drill pipe from the bottom up for high-pressure pump concrete injection to the pile top, formation of plain concrete pile, at the same time using the original state of spiral vane to take out the displacement of soil, Then the whole steel cage is vibratively inserted to form reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile.

Undisturbed concrete cast-in-place pile

The pressure grouting pile technology has the following advantages:

(1)Pile quality is good

Concrete from the center of the drill pipe to the hole into the pressure, material compaction, broken pile and neck phenomenon less, pile hole around the soil by compaction, not easy to occur surface uplift, slump hole, diameter reduction and other adverse phenomena, in general, the quality of the hole is good.

(2)Good construction economy

This method is directly transferred into the steel cage by the drill, and the main equipment is only the long screw drill and the steel cage inserted into the machine. The amount of large machinery input is small, and the construction is convenient and simple.

(3)High bearing capacity of single pile

The SOIL AROUND the pile hole has high lateral friction resistance due to the continuous pressure irrigation of concrete, and the pile foundation bearing capacity and pulling force are improved, and the pile formation has the characteristics of small deformation and good stability.

(4)High construction efficiency

Strong ability to pass through hard soil layer, hole and pile can be completed by one machine at a time, easy operation and fast construction speed,The construction period is short.

(5)Good applicability

This technology can be used not only in silt, clay, fill and other conditions, but also in soft soil, shifting sand layer, and high groundwater level adverse geological conditions.

Construction of pressure grouting pile

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