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Occlusal pile technology (concrete to cement)

Firstly, a cage type double-layer agitator is used to construct solidified soil piles, and then the undisturbed soil taking and press-filling concrete pile machine is used to cut adjacent solidified soil piles into holes, and the concrete is press-filling and inserted into the steel cage to form the interlocking foundation pit supporting structure, which has the dual role of water stop and soil retaining.

Firstly, a cage type double - layer agitator is used to construct solidified soil pile, and then it is usedUndisturbed earth taking and pressing concrete pileThe machine cuts adjacent solidified soil piles into holes, presses concrete and inserts it into a steel cage, forming an occluding typeFoundation pit supportingThe structure has the dual function of water stop and soil retaining.

Technical advantages:

1Thoroughly solve the leakage and safety problems caused by soil loss between piles;

2, solidified soil pile body uniform, high strength and impermeability;

3, the cutting perpendicularity of the occluded pile is high, and the influence on the solidified soil pile is small;

4Fast construction speed, low cost;

5Good sealing effect;

6No mud discharge;

7To eliminate hole collapse phenomenon, small impact on the surrounding.

Occlusal pile

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