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Prestressed steel composite support can be recycled

Prestressed steel composite support compared with traditional concrete support, because is to use steel component assembly, don't need to carry on the in situ conservation, in the last stage, the steel members is also more convenient dismantling is reinforced concrete, shorten construction period, reduce the construction noise, and steel component reuse, recycle to reduce the cost, Meet the environmental requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction.

In contrast to traditional concrete supports, prestressed steel composite supports are assembled from steel members without on-site casting and maintenance. In the disassembly stage, the disassembly of steel components is more convenient than that of reinforced concrete, the construction period is significantly shortened, and the construction noise is reduced. Steel components can be recycled to reduce costs and meet the environmental requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Prestressed steel composite bracing

Compared with the traditional technology, the prestressed fish-belly steel bracing technology can save the cost20%Above, the construction period is shortened40%Above, provides the open construction space, makes the excavation, soil transport, underground structure construction more convenient, reduces the influence of support on construction conditions.

Sectional steel brace

Component recovery and utilization are the characteristics of prestressed steel composite bracing. After recovery, the corresponding parts should be maintained and re-checked before reuse to ensure the stress reliability of the parts. For recycled steel components, the type, specification and performance of the steel shall be checked. In addition to checking the quality certificate of raw materials, sampling inspection of important performance indicators such as strength should also be carried out. The appearance size and thickness of steel components still need to meet the on-site inspection standards, and may affect the problem of targeted inspection, inspection can be reused.

Sectional steel brace

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