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Prestressed steel composite bracing

Prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support technology is a kind of composite steel support, is based on the principle of prestress, through a large number of engineering research and practical application, aiming at the traditional concrete inner support and steel support on the foundation pit deformation control ability of the lack of a deep foundation pit support structure system.

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit Technology is a kind of composite steel support, is based on the principle of prestress, through a large number of engineering research and practical application, aiming at the lack of traditional concrete support and steel support on the deformation control ability of foundation pit, a deep foundation pit support structure system. It is composed of fish belly beam, counter brace, Angle brace, column, beam, contact bar, high strength contact, prestressing loading device and other standard components, forming a plane prestressed support system and three-dimensional support structure system.

Prestressed steel composite bracing

Compared with the traditional concrete support and steel support, the overall steel degree and stability of the support system are greatly improved. Combined with the remote real-time monitoring system, the foundation pit displacement is effectively and accurately controlled, and the deformation of the foundation pit is greatly reduced.

The construction of prestressed steel composite support shall be carried out according to the following process:

1, measurement and positioning;

2, column construction;

3, install brackets, brackets and joists;

4Install waist beam, fish belly beam;

5Install the support and Angle support;

6Install the force transmission parts;

7Apply prestress;

8, installation quality inspection;

9In the process of foundation pit excavation, prestressing with steel support is added according to the requirements of foundation pit deformation control;

10, the prestress of the steel support is released after the replacement of the brace or the force transmission belt is completed;

11, steel support removal and recycling.

Prestressed steel composite bracing

The engineering case

Beijing Million Village Project

Residential Housing Improvement Project of Baiwanzhuang Beili, Xicheng District, Beijing (Aplot)Located in the ancient road of Yongding River, SanLihe Road on the west side, Chegongzhuang Street on the north side. The project covers an area of approx15130m2.The perimeter of the foundation pit approx535m, the excavation depth of the foundation pit is25.1mIs the deepest excavation in Xicheng District of Beijing at present.

The project is located in the core district of central Beijing, close to the office buildings of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, PRC. Noise reduction, quality, especially dust control and many other aspects put forward high requirements. At the same time, the excavation depth of foundation pit engineering is large, the construction site is narrow, and the excavation is difficult.

In view of the above problems, the foundation pit of the project adopts the prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support technology, which has the following advantages compared with the traditional concrete support:

(1) standardized components, through bolt connection, on-site assembly and disassembly, components can be recycled, no construction waste, green environmental protection; The construction speed is fast; Less welding, low noise.

(2Steel braces show greater stiffness when prestressed

(3) The steel support arrangement can provide larger construction working face, convenient and quick excavation.

Fish-belly steel support for foundation pit

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