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Key points of vibration immersed tube gravel pile construction

The vibration-immersed tube rubble pile method is a method that uses the vibration-immersed tube to form holes, and adds hard particles to the tube, and forms the rubble pile after the pipe is pulled out and vibration-sealed to treat the foundation.   The pile diameter can reach 1200mm, and the pile length can reach more than 40m. Vibration immersed tube gravel pile test pile construction

Key points of vibration immersed tube gravel pile construction

Vibration-immersed tube crushed stone pile method is a method that uses vibration-immersed tube to form holes, and adds hard particles to the tube, and forms crushed stone pile to treat the foundation by pulling out the tube and vibration densityLarge diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile  The pile diameterCan be up to1200mm, pile length can be reached40mThe above.

Vibration immersed tube gravel pile test pile construction

1Vibrating immersed tube gravel pileBefore the formal construction, test piles shall be made at the pile guard or non-major parts of the project, and the number of test piles shall be determined according to the design requirements and geological conditions of the site, and shall not be less than3The root. The construction PROCESS PARAMETERS, such as LIFTING SPEED OF immersed PIPE, each LIFTING height, vibration RETENTION TIME, reverse insertion depth and control amount of fill gravel, which are suitable for site engineering geological conditions, are determined through the test pile.

2Vibrating immersed tube gravel pileThe lifting speed of the test pile immersed pipe is desirable1.0m/minAround, each lift height is desirable1.0-2.0m, the retention time is desirable30-60s, reverse insertion depth is desirable0.4-0.5m.

3,Typical construction should also be carried out for important projects or large scale and complex geological sections, and typical construction sections are generally no less than or equal to20m.

Large diameter crushed stone pile

Vibrating immersed tube gravel pileThe construction of pile

1,Vibrate sink pipe to design pile bottom elevation.

2,When feeding for the first time, the aggregate is filled into the tube at one time. The loading amount of the loader each time must meet the requirements. When it is insufficient, it should be supplemented in time to ensure that the filling amount meets the requirements.

3,Vibration pipe lifting and reverse inserting were carried out according to the lifting speed, each lifting height, vibration retention time and reverse inserting depth determined by the test pile.

4,Replenish and feed, keep the filling in the pipe below the ground, and finally make the pile aggregate above the ground0.3-0.5m.

5,During the sinking process of the immersed tube, the deviation of perpendicularity should not be greater than 1.5%.

6Vibrating immersed tube gravel pileIn the construction process, the soil layer change should be judged according to the difficulty of the penetration of the immersed pipe. In case of abnormal situation, the construction should be stopped, and the construction should be carried out after consultation with the design.

Large diameter crushed stone pile

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