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Luban Prize Project, hydrostatic PHC pipe pile: Theme Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo

The theme Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo is located in the Shanghai Expo Site. The west exhibition hall of the theme Pavilion spans 180 meters from north to south and 126 meters from east to west, covering an area of 22,268 square meters with a clear height of 14 meters. It is the largest columnless exhibition hall in Asia.

Type of Project:Pile foundation engineering

Project Information:Covers an area of11.5ha;Construction area of12.9Thousands of square meters (on the ground8Ten thousand square meters underground4.9Square meters); Building height 27.7meter;Static pressure pile,PHCPipe pile16.6Thousands of meters.

Construction technology:Pile foundation usingThe static pressure pile,PHCPipe pileΦ400-600

Project Introduction:The Theme Hall of Shanghai World Expo is located in the Expo Park. The west exhibition hall of the theme hall spans from north to south180Meters, east-west span126 Meters, covers an area of2.268Ten thousand square meters, clear height14Meters, the whole hall without columns, the area for Asia's leading columnless pavilion.

As the original site is the production workshop of Pusteel Company of Baosteel Group, there are many obstacles such as underground reinforced concrete structure and steel slag, and it is difficult to drive piles. Moreover, the number of piles is large, and the impact of driving piles on the surrounding environment is serious, so the technicians successfully completed the construction task with the company's leading technical plan.

This project was awarded20102011Luban Award of the Year for Chinese Construction Project.

Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion

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