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Pile foundation engineering more cases

Click to see more cases of Shanghai Strong Pile Foundation project

Intelligent embedded pile: Zhejiang McXinke Technology Factory

Intelligent pile planting: Taopu Central Green Space Phase II1A block

Strong composite pile: Haifeng Building, Xiamen

Strong composite pile: Zhejiang Cixi Supu Electronics Co., LTD

Strong composite pile: Shanghai Fengjing Building

The static pressure pile: Nantong Wenfeng Financial Square

Static-pressed pile: Anhui Baijing Yazhu4#-9#Floor of a building

Static pile: Times Square, Dingsheng, Anhui1#,2#Floor of a building

Pipe pile, square pile: Concrete of Shanghai Fushen Commercial Center

drillingBored piles: Suzhou Wuzhong Wanda Plaza

Bored pile: Hefei Evergrande CenterCBlock tower

Pile foundation engineering: Shanghai Fosun in vitro Diagnostics production base

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Rail Transit11Line No.3 Baiyin Age Shangyuan phase

Pile foundation project: Kangqiao Industrial zone standard workshop Phase 4

Pile foundation engineering: Shanghai Fosun in Vitro Diagnosis production base

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke LingangC4D-02plot

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Xinguang Haikang Complex Building

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Disney Treasure Bay Project

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Rail Transit11Baiyin Road Station of Line No. 1

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Baoshan Baoyang Baolong Square

Pile foundation Project: Baolong City Square, Jiading, Shanghai

Pile foundation Project: East side of Xinfu Middle Road, Huaxin Town, Qingpu District, ShanghaiE-3-02/ E-3-05plot

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke Jiading Juyuan Project Phase I, Bid 1

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke Golden Field Phase II

Pile Foundation Project: Shanghai Wanke King Yulan Bay Phase II

Pile foundation Project: Shanghai Vanke Lingang New CityNNW-C4D-02plot

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Vanke Zhaoxiang South Block project demonstration area

Pile foundation Project: Sewage treatment Plant of Shanghai Ocean Shipping (Group) Company

Pile foundation project: Shanghai Greenland is trueB1plot

Pile foundation project: Changzhou Elevated Road Phase II viaduct

Pile foundation project: Danyang Evergrande Mingdu Sports Center

Pile foundation project: Shuizhuang, Napar Bay, Kunshan

Pile foundation project: First phase residence of Nantong Vanke Jinyu Lanwan Project

Pile foundation project: Sunan Vanke Changfeng Project1#-4#Floor and basement

Pile foundation Project: Suzhou Vanke Jinyu Tixiang6#-10#

Pile foundation Project: Wuxi Ruicheng Garden Phase II9area

Pile foundation project: Suqian Hengda Huafu1#Floor of a building

Pile foundation project: Suqian Evergrande Oasis1#~4#Floor of a building

Pile foundation project: Nantong Sublimation Building

Pile Foundation Project: Kunshan Campus of Suzhou Foreign Languages School

Pile foundation project: Wuhan Xunsi River Second outbound Pumping Station (Jiangnan Pumping Station)

Pile foundation Project: Hubei coastal Lingjiao Lake No. 1

Pile foundation project: Hubei Yongqing Slice Business Complex AreaB10plot

Pile foundation Project: Guangdong Buddhism (hanging)2013-009plot

Pile foundation Project: Guangdong Longxi Waterfront Garden Phase I and Phase II

Pile foundation Engineering: Hefei Yihang Vanke Wanan Project Phase I

Pile foundation Engineering: Anhui Shengshi·YaoCheng bank2,3building

Pile foundation project: Anhui Xiangjiang ecological county

Pile foundation engineering: Anhui Gujing abundant water source28#Floor of a building

Pile foundation project: Anhui Anran home*Dragon tower

Pile foundation project: Fujian Zhenhai Road Station

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