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Classification and application of grouting reinforcement technology

Grouting reinforcement technology can be divided into the following categories according to the mechanism, the application of grouting reinforcement technology

A,Grouting reinforcement technologyAccording to the mechanism, it can be divided into the following categories:

(1) filling grouting. It IS USED for backfilling grouting of tunnels, tunnels, holes under the foundation of structures and pores in soil, the purpose is to strengthen the whole soil layer and improve the stability of soil. This grouting method is mainly the use of cement slurry, cement clay slurry and other granular materials mixed slurry. In general, the grouting pressure is small, and the slurry can not fill fine pores, so the water stop and seepage prevention effect is poor.

(2) split grouting and pulse grouting. Split grouting or vein grouting is to inject the grout into the soil layer with low permeability under high grouting pressure, and the grout diffusion is distributed in vein shape. The composite foundation composed of irregular vein-like consolidation, soil compacted due to slurry pressure, and soil not affected by grouting can have a certain bearing capacity, and the degree of improvement varies with the distribution of veins. In the shallow horizontal pulp veins, because the injection pressure can cause the ground to rise, often affect the stability of nearby structures, so it is widely used in construction engineering.

(3) Grouting of bedrock fissure. The fissure in bedrock weakens the strength of the whole stratum or forms water gushing channels. The grouting carried out in this fissure is called fissure grouting. It is mostly used for the seepage prevention and reinforcement of rock dam foundation for the purpose of water stop or reinforcement, as well as the opening of tunnels and shafts.

(4) penetrant grouting. The purpose of osmotic grouting is to make the slurry permeate into the pores between the soil particles and achieve the purpose of soil reinforcement and water stop after solidification. Grout performance, soil pore size, pore water, heterogeneity and other aspects have a certain impact on the grout infiltration and diffusion, so it will affect the grouting effect.

(5) Interface grouting, joint grouting and contact grouting. Interface grouting, joint grouting and contact grouting refer to the grouting at the plane or interface. When grouting is carried out to the layered soil foundation or structural interface, the grout first enters the weak plane such as the plane or interface to form a sheet consolidated body, so as to improve the mechanical properties of the plane or interface.

(6) Grouting of concrete cracks. Affected by temperature, load, foundation uneven settlement and construction quality, the concrete cracks and defects, often can be reinforced and seepage treatment through grouting, in order to restore the integrity of the structure.

(7) compaction grouting. When high plastic grout is used and the foundation is soft soil with fine particles, the grout injected into the foundation will form a local high pressure area under the action of pressure, which will produce extrusion pressure on the surrounding soil and form pressure slurry bubbles around the grouting point, which will reduce the pore of soil and increase the compactness. The compaction grouting mainly relies on the extrusion effect to strengthen the soil. The CONSOLIDATED SLURRY MIXTURE IS A hard spherical BODY WITH little COMPRESSIBILITY, which can be used to adjust the uneven settlement of the foundation, perform the foundation support treatment, and strengthen the adjacent soil during major excavation or tunnel excavation.

In the treatment of building foundation, the reinforcement body formed by cement mixing grouting and high-pressure rotary jet grouting is mainly used as the composite foundation to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation. Due to the difficulty of grouting direction and uniformity in practical operation, it is also difficult to detect the treated foundationConstruction foundation treatment engineeringIn, grouting reinforcement is mainly used as an auxiliary treatment measure and the reinforcement measure of the existing building foundation, which is considered when other foundation treatment methods are difficult to implement. Cement grout, silicified grout, lye and other curing agents should be selected as grouting materials.

2. Application of grouting reinforcement technology

Grouting reinforcement

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