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More engineering cases in Zhejiang

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Intelligent embedded pile: Zhejiang McXinke Technology Factory

Stiffened composite pile: Zhejiang Cixi Supu Electronics

Stirring pile: Jinhua Dajin Technology factory

Pile foundation engineering: Phase 3 of Linjiang Jingyuan

Foundation pit engineering: Huzhou Guanghong Ramada Square

Foundation pit project: Guodian Beicang Phase III slime settling tank

Foundation pit Project: Haining Commercial Center Phase II

Foundation Pit Project: Haining Gongmen Road Commercial Center

Foundation pit Project: Hangzhou Fuyang Wanda Plaza

Foundation pit Project: Aishan Square, Huzhou1#A block

Foundation pit project: Huzhou Deli shallow water Bay community

Foundation pit Project: Huzhou Zhongji Bilang Building

Foundation pit Project: Jiaxing Haining Chunpu Park

Foundation pit Project: Haining City Hongxiang·Basement of Bandung Province

Foundation pit Project: Hangzhou Jindu North Road

Foundation pit Project: Waizhuang, Huzhou CityXN-02-02-12Cplot

Foundation pit Project: Dushan Port Country Garden, Pinghu, Jiaxing

Foundation pit Project: Wenzhou Bailu City

Foundation pit Project: Wenzhou Evergrande Yuelan Bay

Foundation pit project: Wenzhou Wanke Tiandu

Foundation pit project: Quzhou Evergrande Royal Peninsula Hotel

Foundation pit Project: Central Business District, East New Town, Fenghua City

Foundation pit project: Taizhou Huangyan Yaoda·The cullinan

Foundation pit project: The core area of Zhenhai New TownB7plot

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