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Introduction of drilling pile technology and preparation for construction

A, characteristics of bored piles, the construction technological process of three 1, construction technology, construction preparation, ready to play before, construction units should be reconnaissance construction site, familiar with engineering drawings (pile layout, structure design of pile, reinforcing cage production drawings, etc.), geotechnical engineering investigation data and the necessary hydrogeological data, the necessary research.

A,Bored pileThe characteristics of

Characteristics of bored pile

Two, the construction process

Construction process of bored pile

Three, construction preparation

1Construction technology preparation

Before entering the site, the construction unit should visit the construction site and be familiar with engineering drawings (pile position plan, pile structure design drawing, steel cage production design drawing, etc.))Geotechnical engineering investigation data and necessary hydrogeological data for conducting necessary research.

Determine the drillability level, whether the natural pulping ability can meet the hole wall stability, predict the hole depth, pile length, and determine the hole forming process.

2,Bored pileConstruction shall be in accordance with the Code for Construction Organization DesignGB/T 50502 The construction organization design shall be prepared with the following main technical data.

(1(Construction license and project construction contract;

(2) geotechnical investigation report of the building (structure) site;

(3) Planning red line drawing, construction plan, design and construction drawing of bored pile;

(4) Investigate the construction site and surrounding buildings (structures), including underground cultural relics, distribution, nature and buried depth of regional spatial transmission lines, communication lines, underground pipelines and obstacles;

(5) Investigate the road conditions around the construction site and the water and electricity available for construction.

3According to the characteristics of the project and site, the construction organization design should be formulated accordingly, which should include:

(1(Project overview and design requirements;

(2(Construction general plan layout, including site layout, construction water, electricity and road arrangement, construction personnel, equipment, progress and overall organization arrangement;

(3) Construction technology and technical requirements.

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