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Prefabricated deep foundation pit supporting technology

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for deep foundation pit is a kind of structural system in which prestress controls the force and deformation of retaining structure of foundation pit. It is composed of steel members assembled by bolts.

Steel support for prefabricated deep foundation pit support-Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pitIt is a structural system in which prestress controls the force and deformation of foundation pit retaining structure. It is composed of steel members assembled by bolts.

Fabricated fish belly beam

The installation of prestressed fish belly beam shall comply with the following regulations:

1, span is not greater than15mAfter the whole assembly of the fish belly beam should be hoisted on the waist beam bracket;

2, span is greater than15mFish belly beam should be assembled in situ;

3Before installation, the fish belly beam should be inspected according to the horizontal support system installation quality inspection standard, and its components and installation quality should meet the requirements of the inspection standard;

4, withUA type B card connects the belly beam to the joist.

The stomach beam-Shanghai Xidu steel support2

General provisions of construction quality management:

1The prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support system shall carry out the approach inspection and installation quality inspection of raw materials and components.

2The materials, specifications, dimensions and mechanical properties of raw materials and components shall be checked during the approach inspection.

3After the installation of the support system and the application of the prestress, the installation quality inspection shall be carried out before the corresponding earthwork excavation, including the size, position and elevation deviation of the horizontal support and the steel column, the installation quality of the support rod, the connection between the support and the retaining structure or the steel column, and the prestress of the support.

4In the process of applying steel bracing prestress and foundation pit excavation, the stress state after bracing force and the tightness of joint connection should be checked.

Prefabricated deep foundation pit support

Steel support construction technology:

Prestressed fish-belly steel supports shall be assembled in the order of first prestressed fish-belly beam, then support and Angle brace after the vertical support components such as columns, brackets, joists and brackets are set up. The construction of prestressed fish-belly steel supports shall be carried out according to the following process:

1, measurement and positioning;

2, column construction;

3Install column, bracket, joist and bracket;

4Install waist beam, fish belly beam;

5Install the support and Angle support;

6Install the force transmission parts;

7, installation quality inspection;

8Apply prestress;

9, earthwork excavation, deformation, axial force monitoring, prestressing with steel support;

10, the prestress of the steel support is released after the replacement or the completion of the force transmission belt;

11Remove and recycle steel support.

Prefabricated deep foundation pit support

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