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Multi - axis continuous wall pile drilling machine

Three shaft pile stirring machine

Multi - axis continuous wall drilling machine is a special machine developed for cement - soil mixing pile construction. The equipment uses multi-axis blade drilling tool to drill in the soil to the design depth, while lifting the drill from the end of the bit injected suitable for different processes of cement slurry, slurry and unchanged soil mixing, in the original position to build a section of cement wall; Then the second section of wall construction, so that the adjacent cement wall each other have coincidence section, continuous construction can be made into underground continuous wall. According to different needs, it can be inserted into shaped steel for water stop or soil retaining of deep foundation excavation. At present, there are two axes, three axes, four axes, five axes, six axes and other types of cement mixing pile construction technology.
Application: It is widely used in soft soil foundation soil reinforcement, soil reinforcement in soft soil foundation pit, gravity retaining wall structure of soft soil foundation pit support, steel cement soil retaining wall structure and foundation pit water stop curtain.
Technical parameters: single hole pile diameter:Φ650,Φ850, pile depth: maximum up to50m.

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