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28 Jul

Construction technology method of plastic water drainage board

Water plastic drainage board engineering ship integrates a number of high-end technologies such as ship positioning system, power system, winch system, PVD plate system and construction automation control system. It is a major technical equipment with high technology and high added value. It is a high-tech equipment specially used for major sea projects (reclamation projects, seaport construction, cross-sea Bridges, sea airports, sea garbage dumps, etc.). The plastic water drainage board is completed by the Marine PVD ship. The PVD ship has a whole-course intelligent monitoring system, which can monitor the construction data in real time. The specific operation method is as follows:

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26 Jul

Installation process of Marine plastic drainage board construction equipment

Marine plastic drainage board ship, the plastic drainage board inserted into the soft soil foundation, under the upper load, the void water in the soft soil foundation is discharged by the plastic drainage board, or the formation of land through the upper matting sand cushion or horizontal plastic drainage pipe discharge, accelerate the consolidation of the soft foundation. It is widely used in the soft foundation treatment of silt, silt soil, flush soil and other saturated viscosity and miscellaneous fill soil.

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24 Jul

Characteristics of Marine plastic drainage plate engineering vessel

The Shanghai Strong Foundation Marine plastic Drainage Board Project vessel has been praised by the Hong Kong Airport Authority for many times during the Hong Kong Airport Three Run project. The Marine plastic drainage board technology developed by Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Company has strong penetration of hard soil layer and high efficiency in construction. It can be constructed in one and a half minutes. Root 30 m long drain board. Shanghai Strong Foundation offshore plastic drainage board Engineering ship has the following characteristics:

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22 Jul

Marine plastic drainage plate engineering vessel

Shanghai strong foundation has 3 ship offshore engineering plastic drainage plate, 12 sets of driving machine can construction at the same time, insert the plastic drainage board soft soil foundation, under the upper load, void water in soft soil foundation by plastic drainage plate, or after land formation through the upper bedding sand mat layer or horizontal plastic drain discharge, accelerate the soft foundation consolidation, also can be mounted to the vibrating hammer, When the soil layer is hard or underground obstacles, the vibration hammer can be opened to speed up the plate insertion, or remove the underground obstacles. . The engineering vessel can be applied to the soft foundation treatment of silt, silt soil, flush soil and other saturated viscosity and miscellaneous fill soil.

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20 Jul

Section steel inner support construction unit plan

Section steel inner support construction unit Haiqiang foundation has more than one thousand projects experience in most provinces and cities in China. I. Material requirements1Steel support steel should be usedQ235Steel. Can be used round steel pipe,HCircular steel tubes should be selected for section steel, I-beam steel, channel steel or their combination.2Steel waist beam can be usedHSection of section steel, I-beam steel, channel steel or combination thereof. When the composite section is used, the composite section members shall be connected by the fixed plate.3, steel support, waist beam, column and auxiliary materials into the construction site......

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18 Jul

Construction quality inspection of gravel pile

Before the construction of gravel pile, the pile forming test must be carried out, and the number of piles should be9-16The root. If it is found that the quality does not meet the design requirements, the pile spacing, the amount of gravel, the vibration frequency, the vibration retention time, the reverse insertion depth and other parameters should be adjusted. The soil between piles is mainly tested by standard penetration method supplemented by other test methods. The construction process must be strictly implemented, the construction record must be checked, the completion of the construction must be tested, to test the treatment effect.1Test stage: before and after test pile......

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16 Jul

Gravel piles are constructed into piles

Before the construction of crushed stone pile, pile forming test should be carried out according to the actual situation of the site to obtain various mechanical parameters to ensure the quality of large-scale construction. The requirements of pile forming test are as follows:1The effective length of pile body is determined on site according to different sections and different geological conditions.2Master all kinds of technical parameters that meet the design requirements, such as vibration frequency, vibration retention time, reverse insertion depth, pile pipe lifting height and progress, motor working current and completion......

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14 Jul

Quality control of gravel pile construction

Quality control of gravel pile construction1Lofting of pile position: lofting shall be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings to ensure pile spacing and layout form (equilateral triangle)).2, gravel pile construction gravel material according to requirements1~2~3Natural gradation, mud content is not greater than5%, and the maximum particle size is not greater than4cmIn order to ensure the quality of the gravel, it is absolutely not allowed to use the gravel that has not been inspected or inspected by the supervision engineer.3The construction shall be carried out according to the prescribed construction sequence, and the whole paragraph shall be in the form of jumping and beating......

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12 Jul

Principle of gravel pile construction to reinforce foundation

The main purpose of gravel pile construction to strengthen sandy soil foundation is to improve the bearing capacity of foundation soil, reduce the deformation and enhance the resistance to liquefaction. Shanghai strong foundation large diameter vibrating immersed tube gravel pile, pile diameter can be up to 1200mm, pile length can be more than 30m, gravel pile reinforcement sand foundation anti-liquetization mechanism mainly has three aspects:

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10 Jul

Construction technology of gravel pile

The gravel pile construction shall adopt the vibration immersed pipe method, and the construction sequence shall be in the form of jumping, and the construction shall be carried out from the outer edge to the center. The jumping between the two adjacent piles shall be used, and the amount of gravel perfusion of each pile shall be no less than0.24m³/m, the specific pile forming process is as follows:1Clean and level the construction site, and carry out pile setting out.2, pile machine is in place, and the vertical degree of pile tube should be corrected≤1.5%; Calibrate the length of pile pipe and the position of feeding port to make them conform to the designed pile length; A secondary feeding port is set up; Less laying at pile position......

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