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72,000 square meters of super deep foundation pit: Xifu Zhichuang Center Project No.3 underground foundation pit supporting project

Xifu Intellectual Innovation Center project is located in Yanan High-tech Zone, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The excavation area of the foundation pit is about 72,000 square meters, and the excavation depth is 11.55m. The surrounding environment of the project is complex, and the excavation area of the foundation pit is large and deep. The soil layer within the excavation depth is sensitive and has certain thixotropy and rheology.

Project Address:Yanan High-tech Zone, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, on the east sideFor the new garden road.On the west side ofIn the westFuHeAnd the southFor nine lateral canal.The north side is Juheng Road;

The foundation pitInformation: Excavation area of foundation pit approx72000㎡, excavation depth11.55m, the shape is rectangular, and the side length is respectively550m,140m;

Support type: double rowSMWThe method of pile+Three stiffening pile;

Start time:2021years9Month.

The WV robotics project

figure1  yanchengXifu Robot Industrial Park project plan

The surrounding environment of the project is complex, including water supply, telecommunications, gas, rainwater, sewage, fire protection and other municipal pipelines. Among them, the telecom pipeline on the north side is the closest to the foundation pit6mOr so.Large excavation area, deep depth, excavationThe depth of theThe inner soil layer is mainly deep silty clay (approx15mThick), its high sensitivity, high compressibility soil, with certain thixotropy and rheological properties. Therefore, the biggest challenge of this foundation pit is how to effectively control the deformation of the foundation pit!

We receivedAfter this project,immediatelyInvest in a professional teamtoThe project designIn the.Many comprehensive considerationsIn terms ofThe factors.The final decisionAdopt double rowmethodThe pile+threeThe stiffening pileInnovative solutions. This scheme has the following advantages:

1,Rotary jet mixing cement - soil stiffened pileTechnology (Shanghai is strongProprietary technologyAnd the winner of"National first-class Construction method"), its pile diameter is large,Can be supplied in soft soilA biggerThe friction resistance can meet the anchorage requirements and effectively control the deformation of foundation pit;

2, enclosure pile is adoptedSMWThe method of pile(cement-soilInsert stirring pileHsteel),Among themHsteelCan bePull outrecycling,Repeated useCompared to,Bored pilesorTo the wallNot onlyLow cost,And it avoidsConsumption of reinforced concrete, more energy savingEnvironmental protection.

Panoramic view of foundation pit supporting project

figure2  Project panorama

The site construction mainly faces the following two difficulties:

1,Due to the large amount of work (HSection steel more than ten thousand tons, three axis cement mixing pile nearly 180,000 square meters), in the construction of the enclosure pile, in order to improve the efficiency, the siteMore than oneThe equipment needs to be constructed at the same time, so the overall arrangement of equipment is a great challenge.

2,The long side of the foundation pit in this project is about550m, the long side effect is obvious, foundation pit potential risk is large, the site management requirements are extremely strict.Need to partition, block for excavation.

In response to the above problems, ShanghaistrongThe construction of theheadAdhere to high requirements for workers and equipment on site, and repeatedly communicate with the general contractor,Turkish unitsforCommunication.The project team worked together with one heart and one mind to ensure safety at the same time.The smoothAdvance the constructionThe progress of.

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