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08 Mar

Foundation treatment of silty soil

The treatment methods of silty soil mainly include :(1) vacuum preloading method; (2) Connection between heap load and vacuum preloading; (3) sand well foundation drainage consolidation method; (4) mixing pile foundation reinforcement method; (5) rotary jet grouting pile foundation reinforcement method;

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07 Mar

Foundation pit enclosure and support method under soft soil condition

The supporting mode of foundation pit in soft stratum should be determined according to the excavation depth and surrounding environment. In the case of complex environment, it is not appropriate to adopt the way of slope excavation, and it is necessary to set up soil retaining structure and water stop curtain. The common support method is mainly pile row support + inner support.

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06 Mar

Several forms of foundation pit support

The main forms of foundation pit support are as follows :(1) underground continuous wall (cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall excavated by sink excavation) + internal support (fish-belly foundation pit steel support); (2) Enclosure structure of soft occluding row pile (occluding reinforced concrete pile and soil-cement pile) + internal support (steel support of fish-belly foundation pit);

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05 Mar

Several forms of retaining pile (wall) of foundation pit

The main forms of foundation pit pile (wall) are as follows :(1) underground continuous wall (cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall excavated by sunken groove); (2) Enclosure structure of soft occluding row pile (occluding reinforced concrete pile and cement soil pile); (3) hard occluding row pile enclosure structure (reinforced concrete pile and plain concrete pile are continuously occluded together);

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04 Mar

Foundation pit support with surrounding buildings

When there are buildings around, for the protection of buildings, it is necessary to have higher requirements for the safety level of foundation pit support, which is set according to the type of surrounding buildings. The undisturbed influence of the construction process on the surrounding buildings can be reduced by using the undisturbed concrete pile as the foundation pit enclosure structure. Using PRESTRESSED FISH-BELLY STEEL BRACE AS HORIZONTAL SUPPORT CAN INCREASE THE CONSTRUCTION SPEED TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT, THEREBY REDUCING THE DEFORMATION OF THE FOUNDATION PIT AND ENSURING THE SAFETY OF THE SURROUNDING BUILDINGS.

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03 Mar

Type of occlusal post

There are two main types of occlusal piles: one is soft occlusal pile, which is the occlusal of reinforced concrete pile and cement soil pile; The other is hard bite pile, which is the bite of reinforced concrete pile and plain concrete pile.

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02 Mar

Application of prestressed fish-belly steel bracing in deep foundation pit engineering

In the deep foundation pit supporting, the prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support is used, the span is generally between 40 and 50 meters, the maximum can reach more than 60 meters, and the width of the foundation pit can reach 200 meters. At present, the maximum depth of the foundation pit supported by prestressed fish-belly steel is 29 meters, and the length is more than 500 meters.

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01 Mar

Foundation treatment technology of high-energy dynamic compaction

Dynamic compaction foundation treatment technology, it is the use of special machinery or crane will rammer mentioned high, so that its free fall, to the foundation with impact and vibration energy, the foundation soil tamped ground treatment method.

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28 Feb

Ultra-high pressure rotary jet grouting pile and micro-disturbance rotary jet grouting pile

High-pressure jet grouting is a kind of high-pressure jet grouting method. The grouting pipe with a special nozzle is inserted into the designed soil depth, and then the cement slurry is shot out of the nozzle in the form of high-pressure jet to impact and cut the soil. The soil and cement slurry are stirred to form a mixed slurry, which then forms a continuous lap cement plus solid.

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27 Feb

RCP foundation treatment technology

Prefabricated PILE AND CEMENT-SOIL MIXING REINFORCEMENT FOUNDATION treatment technology, through the CEMent-soil pile, strengthen the weak foundation, concentrically inserted prefabricated pile, long prefabricated pile can effectively control the foundation settlement, through the mixing pile reinforcement and prefabricated pile sedimentation control to achieve ideal foundation reinforcement effect, reduce the foundation treatment cost.

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