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Causes of uneven settlement of foundation

The CAUSES of uneven settlement of foundation are: 1, geological factors, 2, investigation factors, 3, design factors, 4, construction factors, 5, other factors

1, geological factors

Due to the ups and downs of bedrock and uneven local soil quality, some parts of the building will be placed on hard bedrock and the other part on hard soil. Some soft soil itself is thicker, and there are furrows, caves, etc.; There is too much water content of the foundation, after compression will lead to uneven settlement of the building foundation.

2, To investigate factors

If the survey unit does not strictly follow the rules, such as the drilling process of the hole placement is not accurate or the hole depth is not enough, the geological report will be inaccurate. In the actual construction process, the construction can not be carried out effectively and correctly.

3, design factors

Some building shape itself design is more complex, concave and convex Angle, resulting in different loads in the storey, causing settlement joints; Improper foundation treatment and unreasonable design will also lead to uneven settlement of the foundation.

4, construction factors

The construction drainage scheme is unreasonable and the building is reconstructed and expanded at will; In the process of wall masonry, the mortar strength is low and the ash joints are not full.

5, other factors

Around a large number of groundwater exploitation, or random change of house use, increase the load, will lead to uneven settlement of the foundation and other problems.

preventive measure

The shape of the building should be as simple as possible and regular as possible. It should not be designed with complex shapes or too many shady corners. Strictly control the acceptance of raw materials, and pay attention to the reliable connection between masonry and non-structural components; In the building's foundation and top floor, can do reinforced concrete ring beam design, mainly to increase the integrity of the building, can prevent or reduce the appearance of cracks.

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