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How to deal with deflection of pile foundation

The deviation of pile foundation is usually caused by the poor soil quality or the large difference of soil quality. Deflection treatment of pile foundation can be generally adopted the following methods: 1, change the axis position, 2, pile position correction, 3, add ox leg, 4, pile group treatment, 5, in situ re-drilling, 6, push the top method (apply horizontal thrust at the top of the pile) to reset the pile

Pile foundationThe phenomenon of deviation is usually caused by the poor soil quality or the large difference of soil quality. In general, the following methods can be used to deal with the deviation of pile foundation:

1Change the axis position

Advantages: The treatment method is simple, does not increase any investment.

Disadvantages: The overall structure design needs to be adjusted accordingly to meet the needs of engineering construction.

Applicability: This method is not only applicable to homotropic deviation, but also to heterotropic deviation. However, the deviation should not be too large. At the same time, the safety of the superstructure should be checked.

2, pile position correction

The offsetPile foundationDig around, chisel the concrete down, check the lower pile and the axis position of the steel cage. If the lower part of the pile and the axis deviation of the steel cage is within the allowable range of the specification, then the upper part of the steel bar is straight, the upper part of the pile treatment, the strength of concrete needs to improve a grade. At the same time, the pile foundation should be checked according to the soil conditions around the pile and the pile bearing shape type.

Advantages: basically maintain the original design.

Disadvantages: the engineering quantity is large, the construction is complicated, and the bearing capacity of friction pile is relatively reduced.

Applicability: Suitable for end bearing pile(Rock-socketed pile).

3Add leg of ox

Due to the different center of the pile, the upper load is easy to cause damage. An ox leg can be added at the top of the pile to transfer the force to the pile foundation through the ox leg.

Advantages: The force relationship is clear, the rework cost is small, the rework period is short.

Applicability: applicable to pile foundation deflection and vertical load is small.

4Pile group treatment

It can be in the offsetPile foundationThe two sides of the re-drilled pile, commonly known as "pole pile" according to pile group processing.

Advantages: easy to ensure quality, more reliable processing results.

Disadvantages: Large rework cost, long rework duration.

Applicability: suitable for large axis deviation.

5, in situ re-drilling

The original pile can be destroyed by a hammer drill in situ and rebuilt according to the design.

Advantages: The structure can be constructed according to the drawing.

Disadvantages: Time limit and cost are large.

Applicability: The deviation of pile position is too large, and the risk of using other methods is uncontrollable.

6, pushing method (applying horizontal thrust at the top of the pile) to reset the pile

inPile foundationIn the front, a drilling rig is used to clear the soil in the front of the pile, and then a reaction frame is installed. The pile body is pushed by a jack, and the gap around the pile is filled with gravel and cement slurry.

Advantages: No impact on the superstructure after the completion of construction.

Disadvantages: the integrity of the pile may be damaged and the bearing capacity of the pile may be reduced.

Applicability: The pile position deviation is small, the pile body quality is complete.

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