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Principles for the selection of foundation treatment schemes

The foundation treatment scheme selection should follow the following principles: 1, must master enough information; 2. Technical rationality; 3. Feasibility of construction technology; 4. Economy; 5, there should be a superstructure - foundation - foundation interaction concept

choose Foundation treatmentThe following principles shall be followed in the scheme:

1Must have enough information

Includes two geological data and information on superstructures.

(1) Geological data

The geological data include THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF soil layers, the spatial distribution of soil layers (including vertical and transverse), and the flow law of groundwater, etc.

In THE ANALYSIS OF geological DATA, special attention should be paid to the influence of origin of soil quality and region on mechanical properties of soil. For special soil, such as newly deposited soil, collapsible soil, liquefied soil, etc., special attention should be paid to the influence of soil particularity on proposed buildings.

(2(superstructure data

Different types of structures have different ability to adapt to settlement and allowable deformation values. These structural factors must be taken into account when selecting foundation treatment scheme. The complex degree of building shape will also have different requirements for the foundation treatment, for example, for the simple shape, the overall stiffness of the structure of the building, mainly control the settlement of the building; For a building with a main podium, the effect of differential settlement must be considered in the foundation treatment scheme.

2, technical rationality

Foundation treatmentThe rationality of the technical scheme is to use reasonable reinforcement measures to meet the functional requirements of the building according to the requirements of the bearing capacity and deformation of different buildings.

The reasonableness of the foundation treatment technical scheme should take into account the geological situation, the use function of the building, the structure type, the load distribution, the damage caused by the uneven settlement and the groundwater, and make a comprehensive analysis.

3Construction technology feasibility

The feasibility of construction technology includes the pertinence of construction scheme and equipment selection to change soil mechanical properties and the degree of environmental conditions. To improve the bearing capacity of the foundation, we can choose the composite foundation with different solids, and to eliminate the liquefaction of sand, we can choose the foundation treatment methods such as dynamic compaction and vibroflotation.

The selected foundation treatment scheme should be carried out under the conditions allowed by the surrounding environment at the same time, for example, the dynamic compaction method can not be used in the dense area of underground pipelines, and the vibration sinking method can not be selected in the populated area.

4And economy

Economy should be considered when selecting any foundation treatment scheme. The economy of foundation treatment scheme is integrated into the technical rationality and the feasibility of construction technology. That is to say, under the premise of meeting the technical rationality and construction feasibility, the economy of foundation treatment scheme is very important.

5Have a superstructure-basis-The concept of subsoil interaction

With the increase of building height, the increase of underground structure depth, and the emergence of the integrated structure of main group building and the multi-tower building form of large chassis, Foundation treatmentThe determination of the scheme should not only pay attention to improving the bearing capacity of the foundation, eliminating liquefaction, eliminating collapsibility and reducing deformation, but also use the superstructure-basis-The concept of subgrade interaction evaluates the effect of superstructure load on the subgrade and reasonably selects the subgrade treatment plan.

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