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Soft foundation treatment

Weakness is refers to the soft soil ground treatment including silt, silt soil, part of the filling soil, and other miscellaneous fill high compressibility of soil, its engineering properties for high natural moisture content, natural void ratio, high compressibility, permeability coefficient, low shear strength of soil, used in bolus layer method, the method, deep mixing method, compaction grouting method, dynamic compaction method, etc.

Soft soil includes silt, silty soil, partially filled soil, miscellaneous fill soil and other soil layers with high compressibility. Its engineering characteristics are high natural water content, large natural pore ratio, high compression coefficient, small permeability coefficient and low shear strength. A foundation composed of soft soil is called a soft foundation.

At presentSoft ground treatmentThe main methods are changing the filling layer method, compaction method, deep mixing method, grouting method, dynamic compaction method and so on.

1, change the filling layer method

The soft soil in a certain range under the foundation is dug out, and backfilled with granular materials such as sand, gravel and plain soil of higher strength, and stratified into a low compression foundation bearing layer.

2, and the method of compaction

The compaction method means that the pile pipe is first driven into the soil to form a hole, and then the hole is filled with gravel, sand, lime, ash and so on. When the pile tube is driven into the foundation, the soil has a transverse compaction effect. Under the action of certain compaction function, the soil particles move to each other, the small particles fill the void of the large particles, the particles are closely arranged, the pore volume is reduced, and the strength of the foundation soil is also enhanced. This method is suitable for mixed fill soil with sand and shingle and loose soil foundation with more sand, and for saturated soft soil foundation with large viscosity, because of small permeability, it can not discharge a lot of water in the reinforcement process, so the compaction effect is not great.

3, deep mixing method

This method through special stirring shaft blades, began to break from the ground until the depth of the reinforcement, open the valve to curing agent (cement, cement or lime powder, with certain additives) into the foundation, with stirring head forced stirring evenly, make induration of foundation soil has the integrity, stability, low permeability and composite soil pile (body) of a certain intensity, Or it can form composite foundation with foundation soil, so as to improve the bearing capacity of soft soil foundation and reduce the deformation of foundation.

4, the grouting method

Grouting method is also known as grouting method, the configuration of a certain material into slurry, with pressure feeding equipment will be poured into the stratum or crevice so that its diffusion, cementing or curing, in order to achieve the purpose of strengthening the stratum or seepage prevention and plugging. The grouting method can be divided into consolidation grouting, curtain grouting, backfill grouting and contact grouting according to its function. According to the material can be divided into cement grouting, cement mortar grouting, cement clay grouting and chemical grouting. Suitable for pebble, medium, coarse sand and cracked rock. In the case of cohesive soil, a higher pressure is used to fill the cement slurry or cement mortar with a higher concentration.

5Dynamic compaction method,

Dynamic compaction method to deal with the foundation is a few tons to dozens of tons of heavy hammer from the height of the free fall, repeatedly ramming the ground, to the foundation to impact and vibration, so as to improve the strength of the foundation soil and reduce its compressibility. Dynamic compaction method is often used to reinforce gravel, sand, clay, miscellaneous fill soil, collapsible loess and other types of foundation soil.

Dynamic compaction.

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