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CSM construction method for groove construction assurance measures

The main reason for the jam is that the upper neck shrinkage leads to the width of the groove becomes smaller and the jam is stuck. Therefore, as long as the mud is well controlled, the phenomenon of jam can be prevented.

csmConstruction method of groove construction guarantee measures:

1, the prevention measures of the jam

The main reason for stuck bucket is that the upper neck shrinkage leads to the trough width smaller and stuck bucket, so as long as the control of mud can prevent the occurrence of stuck bucket phenomenon.

2, the prevention measures of buried bucket

The main reason for the buried bucket is that the grab is buried by the collapsed square soil in the groove section, so the occurrence of buried bucket can be prevented as long as the stability of the groove wall is well controlled.

Once there is a buried bucket, immediately replace the mud in the trough section, and adjust its mud gravity to1.2g/cm3Above, the viscosity is set to30sAbove, the control groove section collapse again. Then high pressure water (mud) gun is used to disperse the upper collapse soil, and gas lift reverse circulation is used to suction out the soil. Finally, the grab is put forward by using the crane with the trough forming machine.

Underground diaphragm wall

3, the prevention of falling bucket

The main reason for the grab bucket drop of the trough machine is that the wire rope suddenly breaks and leads to the drop of the bucket, or the improper handling of the buried bucket leads to the grab falling into the slot, so the wire rope should be carefully checked before the work of the trough machine, and the wire rope should be replaced regularly according to the time and workload, which can prevent the occurrence of the bucket.

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