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Fuzhou Binhai New Town Station CSM reinforcement project

Project overview: Located in Changle District, Fuzhou City, covers an area of 340 mu, with an underground construction area of 520,000 square meters. The maximum excavation depth of the foundation pit is about 31 meters. Construction start date: July 2021. Equal-thickness mixing wall (CSM construction method) is adopted for the sealing curtain of deep foundation pit. The total depth of mixing wall is nearly 52 meters.

Project Overview:Located in theFuzhou Changle District.Covers an area of340 Mu, underground construction area52The maximum excavation depth of foundation pit is about 10,000 square meters31M;

Commencement Date:2021years7month

Fuzhou Binhai New City StationCBDplan

The waterproof curtain of the deep foundation pit of the project adopts the mixing wall of equal thickness (CSMConstruction method), the total mixing wall depth is close52Rice, has the following advantages:

(1) Construction environmental protection, can effectively reduce the amount of mixing soil displacement;

(2)The wall depth is deep and accessible60M;

(3) can form a seamless wall, good sealing effect;

(4) equal thickness forming wall, continuous control of deep pile, good construction quality;

(5) The control accuracy of wall size, depth, grouting amount and other parameters is high.

The scene photos

Double milling

Double milling

Double milling

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