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Offshore DCM engineering vessel

Offshore DCM engineering ships can operate in coastal waters and be towed and dispatched in offshore waters. As an important construction method for the foundation treatment and construction of coastal ports and wharfs, breakwaters, revetments and artificial islands, DCM (deep cement mixing) technology has a long history of application in countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

The seaDCMEngineering shipIt can be operated in coastal waters and towed and dispatched in offshore waters. It is an important construction method for the foundation treatment and construction of coastal ports and wharves, breakwaters, revetments and artificial islands. DCM(Deep cement mixing) technology in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries have a long history of application.

DCMEngineering ship

The seaDCMConstruction principle of engineering ship: cement or cement-solidified material is added to the soft clay according to the relevant ratio, and at the same time, it is forced to mix and mix, so as to form a solid and stable soil in the foundation by chemical curing, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the underwater soft soil as the foundation of hydraulic construction.

inHong Kong Airport Runway 3Project, Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD., China Communications Construction Group and other companies jointly bid and won the largest bid section 3206 In order to minimize the possibility of pollutants leaking from reclaimed land and affecting Marine life, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) three-run project uses the seaDCM Construction of the ship And the seaPVD Construction ship and other technologies are Japan, Korea or Europe's monopoly of international advanced technology.

Three Runs in Hong Kong

Designed, built and built one at the timeDCMIt's very difficult to build ships.DCM Technology in the United States, Japan and South Korea as well as Europe and other countries have rich experience and wide application, especially Japan and South Korea is a monopoly DCMProcess,DCMThe production and construction of construction ships and machinery and equipment are only owned by companies from countries such as Japan and South Korea. Chinese manufacturers not only have no construction experience, but also face strict technological blockade.

In a short period of more than two years, has conquered the seaPVDEngineering ship, sea  DCM  Engineering ship, land rubble pile machine, landDCMThe equipment manufacture and construction technology of pile machine are difficult.

Shanghai strong deep cement mixer

DCMEngineering ship (deep cement mixing ship) is of great significance to Marine development and environmental protection, and will make a great contribution to our large projects. Underwater cutting soil mixing, cement grout precision injection, high and low slurry nozzle swaps, environmental protection treatment system, a number of high-end technology such as intelligent control construction in a body, a strong foundation in Shanghai has been fully grasp the engineering ship mobile positioning system, leveling system, cement slurry mixing and grouting system, drilling and extraction system of drilling pile system intelligent construction of core technology. strong  DCM  The quality of our ships is much better than that of Japanese and Korean companies. The performance of the equipment fully meets the design requirements. It is the first private enterprise in China to own the project ship, and also the largest enterprise with the same type of project ship in China.

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