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Function and design requirements of foundation pit engineering

First, the function of foundation pit engineering, second, the design requirements of foundation pit engineering

A,Foundation pit engineeringThe function of the

The RETAINING structure OF FOUNDATION pit should ensure the safety of rock AND soil excavation and underground construction, and make the surrounding environment not damaged. Therefore, the retaining structure of foundation pit must have the following three functions.

1Foundation pit supporting structure should play the role of retaining soil, which is a necessary condition for earthwork excavation and underground structure construction.

2And control groundwater. The foundation pit supporting system can effectively control groundwater through water interception, water stop, precipitation and drainage to ensure that the foundation pit construction is carried out above the groundwater level.

3And in theFoundation pit engineeringDuring the whole process of construction, the deformation of the foundation pit and its surrounding soil should be strictly controlled to ensure that the environment around the foundation pit is not damaged, and the adjacent buildings, underground structures, pipelines and other corresponding facilities around the foundation pit are not adversely affected by their normal use.

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Second,Foundation pit engineeringDesign requirements of

Foundation pit engineeringThe design shall include the following contents and design requirements:

1, support structure system and groundwater control scheme selection;

2Foundation pit stability checking;

3And calculation of bearing capacity and deformation of supporting structure;

4, environmental impact analysis and protection design;

5, groundwater control design;

6, earthwork excavation requirements;

7, safety monitoring requirements for foundation pit engineering;

8, support structure quality inspection, inspection requirements.

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