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Characteristics of foundation pit engineering

The characteristics of foundation pit engineering: 1, foundation pit engineering is a comprehensive discipline in geotechnical engineering, 2, temporary and risky, 3, the regional difference of foundation pit engineering, 4, the environmental conditions around the foundation pit strict requirements

1,Foundation pit engineeringIt is a comprehensive discipline in geotechnical engineering

Foundation pit engineering is not only related to engineering geology, soil mechanics, the seepage theory, structural engineering design, construction technology and monitoring, at the same time, also involves the intersection of these disciplines, such as: the groundwater seepage of earth pressure, the influence of the soil mass stability: considering the interaction between soil and support structure of earth pressure size, the influence of the distribution form; The influence of different unloading and loading processes of soil on the supporting system; Space-time effect in foundation pit construction; The data of underground water level, earth pressure, deformation of support and support system are monitored and informationized. The influence of stress field, displacement field and groundwater level on surrounding environment caused by foundation pit engineering.

Pile foundation and support

2, temporary and risky

In general, foundation pit support is a temporary measure. The safety reserve of the supporting structure is small and the risk is large. At the same time, the economic indicators of foundation pit engineering are particularly demanding, and sometimes even unreasonably low safety. However, deep foundation pit engineering in dense buildings in big cities requires strict environmental conditions, so the foundation pit engineering must be safe and reliable, and the cost of foundation pit engineering is often high,Therefore, the contradiction between temporary and economic indicators is prominent.

3,Foundation pit engineeringThere are large regional differences

Different geological conditions in different regions, such as engineering geology and hydrogeology in soft soil area and loess area, result in great differences in foundation pit engineering. There are also differences in different areas of the same city, so the design should be adapted to local conditions rather than simply copied.

4The environmental conditions around the foundation pit are strict

The adjacent tall buildings, underground structures, pipelines and subways have strict restrictions on the deformation caused by foundation pit excavation. The construction factors are complex and changeable, and the change of climate, season, surrounding water and other factors can lead to the change of environmental conditions around the foundation pit.

Foundation pit supporting

The above characteristics determineFoundation pit engineeringThe complexity of design and construction. Many uncertain factors easily lead to some conceptual errors in the design and construction of foundation pit engineering, which is the main cause of foundation pit accidents.

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