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Construction regulations and advantages of reinforced composite piles

According to the requirement of design pile diameter, cement-soil mixing pile is formed in the process of grouting. The prestressed concrete pipe pile implanted into the cement soil after mixing has the advantages of convenient construction and good economic benefits. It has the following advantages:

According to the requirements of pile diameter design, cement - soil mixing pile is formed in the grouting process, and prestressed concrete pipe pile is implanted into cement - soil pile. Convenient construction, good economic benefits, has the following advantages:

Intelligent embedded pile (2)

1High bearing capacity. The pile tip resistance and the pile side friction can be enhanced by mixing cement paste with soil around the pile.

2,The construction technology is non - compaction technology(Stir into holes and plant piles), greatly reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.

3, mud discharge is small, in line with the requirements of civilized construction.

4Compared with other pile types, the pile forming speed is accelerated, the work efficiency is improved and the construction period is shortened.

5Prestressed concrete pipe pile factory batch processing, reliable quality, mature technology, easy to operate.

6Suitable for soft soil, clay, silt, silt, weathered rock and other soil layers.

7, screw lock connection, fast pile connection, ensure the continuity of pile.

8Compared with the traditional pile type, it has certain economic advantages.

The site of Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant02

Basic regulations of reinforced composite pile:

1, suitable for silt, silt soil, clay, silt, sand and artificial fill soil.

2Peat soil, organic soil, organic soil,pHLess than4.Plasticity index is greater than25Soil or groundwater seepage, corrosive environments and soils without engineering experience shall be tested to determine applicability.

3The following materials shall be available before design and construction:

(1) Data of geotechnical investigation, superstructure and foundation design;

(2) Engineering experience and application data of similar geological conditions;

(3) The construction site and its surrounding environment;

(4(model, performance, power condition and adaptability of construction machinery and equipment; Site operating conditions of construction machinery and equipment.

4The design of the reinforced composite pile shall meet the requirements of bearing capacity, deformation and stability, and shall comply with the following provisions:

(1(Select composite pile type and parameters according to geological conditions, structural requirements and load characteristics;

(2Before design, test construction shall be carried out for large, important or complex projects, and the design, construction parameters, treatment effect and applicability shall be checked.

5The durability of the stiffened composite pile should meet the current national standards.

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